Who doesn’t like to listen to the song with great bass?

What happen? If you are listening song in the car, but you car speakers making disintegrate bass.

In order to make the mind-blowing experience with car sound system, best bass speaker for a car is must needed.

So, what types of the speakers are best for bass? What are those in the current car audio market?


In this article, we are going giving to you the review of 5 best bass speakers for the car. After reading this article you will know which speaker is best for you.

So, let’s start…. 


Speaker Type Sensitivity RMS (Watts) Impedance (Ohm) Buy
1.JBL GTO638 Coaxial 3-way 92 dB Peak:360 watts per set/ RMS:120 watts per set 2 ohms
2. Pioneer TSD1602R Coaxial 2-way 88 dB RMS:60 watts Peak:260 watts 4 ohms
3. Pioneer TS-A1675R Coaxial 3-way 90 dB Peak:300 watts per pair/ RMS:100 watts per pair 4 ohm
4. Polk Audio DB651 Slim Coaxial- 2 way 92 dB Peak : 360 watts per pair RMS : 120 watts per pair 4 ohm
5. Kicker 40CS54 Coaxial- 2 way 92 dB Peak: 450 watts per pair RMS: 150 watts per pair 4 ohm

There is no need to tell that how much reputed is Pioneer in industry. People are known about that. This Pioneer D series TSD1602R speaker is one of the ultramodern items of a pioneer. It will provide you the value, that will exceed your expectation. Its features will change your car audio experience.

It’s 260 watts power provides the best bass that you actually want. It’s come with the best material of speaker that ensures you long life sustainability and high quality of sound. This speaker has full depth basalt fiber which is developing Pioneer first in the industry. This full depth basalt gives you full depth powerful bass. This basalt fiber material offers high rigidity, better absorbent, enhancing stability and maintain the integrity balanced at the wide range of temperature.

Its rear chamber tweeter technology improves the mid-range frequency while balancing better staging and improved vocals. The V shape diaphragm tweeter controls the sound distortion and creates an extensive soundstage in your car. And that’s how you get much clear sound quality, and all of the persons of your car get the same quality of sound. The 4 ohms impedance indicates that easily current flow to the speakers and keeps sound quality perfect and higher level.

This speaker gives you smooth performance by its built-in crossover system. This speaker is an innovative, latest technology speaker made by Pioneer.

It will change your idea about coaxial speakers and its bass quality takes you another level of car audio experience.

This Pioneer TSD1602R speaker is one of the best speakers for bass in the market which has the ability to provide you wonderful experience and make you satisfy.

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speaker

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speaker is another remarkable speaker in the market now. JBL is one of the authoritative audio manufacturer company in the world. They are very much popular because of their quality products. JBL GTO638 is one of the great and popular speaker items of this company.

In order to provide efficient sound quality, this speaker has built-in crossover network with low and high pass filter which provide the smooth and efficient transition between to woofer and tweeter. The result is, sound comes so natural and live. You feel that the artists were singing beside you. The typical speaker doesn’t have this feature, they can’t keep bass to go tweeter and the result is low-quality sound.

This speaker offer boom bass by using the 6-1/2 inch (160-millimeter) woofer with its plus one cone technology. Because of plus one technology, it has more surface area than competing model of the size. The larger surface area provides higher efficiency and boom bass response.

It’s Mylar-Titanium Tweeter and Mylar-Titanium Super Tweeter provides more clear sound quality. It also gives you the opportunity to adjust super tweeter to level control.

If a speaker has low impedance voice coil, it will extract more power from the amplifier and provide high power performance. The low 2 impedance of JBL GTO638 will also extract more power from the amplifier and will provide you high powerful performance. However, it’s very much easy to install because of its equipped with Inter mount III Mounting System.

Polk Audio DB651 Slim-Mount 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speakers (Pair)

Another great speaker in the market is Polk DB651. It ensures the sound quality and lifetime of the speaker by its high-quality materials. The speaker surrounded with butyl rubber to stands up to the extreme temperatures, sunlight and time plus it increases the bass efficiency. The DB651 made with stainless steel mounting hardware plus it has muscular ABS stylish grill which makes your car interior more attractive.

It has polymer/mica composite mineral filled cone ensure the distortion-free sound and fuller bass response. Its pool plate heat sink ensures the cooling and consistent performance and reliability by better heat dissipation.

However, you can install it easily by its multi-hole mounting brackets. For seamless, accurate and efficient sound quality it has two-way crossover networks which create current flow at proper drivers with right frequencies.

Well, another thing you should know that this speaker is certified by the pair of marine which indicate the great quality of this speaker and ability to use its many applications.

Kicker 40CS54 5.25 inch 2-Way Speakers

Do you want the best bass speaker for the car with saving money?

Well, then I definitely recommend to you that buy Kicker 40CS54 5.25 inch 2-Way Speakers.

With saving money will get the great quality material speaker with high-quality sound.

This speaker used polypropylene cone material which performs pretty well and the most advantage of this material is it can have a controlled break up, which results in a smoother high frequency. Kicker 40CS54 reproduces a wide range of sound by its 225-watt max power.  Through its 45Hz – 20 kHz frequency response it ensures you that reproduced sound is accurate and clear. Moreover, its polyetherimide balanced dome tweeter gives you super clear sound.

It’s 4 ohms impedance provides quality performance by maintaining accurate power in speaker. Besides, it’s 90db sensitivity make sure the speaker sound efficiency. In order to provide you the efficient sound quality into the high thermal situation, kicker 40CS54 use EVC™ (Extended Voice Coils) technology.

However, it’s easy to install plus it’s fit almost any vehicle because of its Shallow mounting design.

This speaker is one of the speakers in the market which gives maximum value than price.

Pioneer TS-A1675R 

There is another one speaker in the market who provides you high value with low price. There is no doubt how much popular and reputed “Pioneer” is in the providing car audio systems. However, Pioneer TS-A1675R speaker is also another great product of this brand.

This speaker comes with the best material for providing clear reproduce sound, outstanding responsiveness, and suitable degree internal loss.

For optimum sound reproduction and responsiveness, it has multi-layer Mica Matrix cone design. Moreover, it has elastic polymer surrounded for high sensitivity. It does provide you clear and accurate vocal sound by its paper cone tweeter plus it does also provide you decent bass lines and powerful drums sound. All of this gives you powerful sound quality.

However, its high-frequency response makes it different from others speakers. Its frequency rate and sensitivity maintain continuous power and give balanced sound quality.

It has the ability to keep sound quality great in high power input plus it has heat-resistant voice coil wire which helps to keep speaker temperature low in thermal condition. Its new grille design looking cool which will make your car interior more attractive.



BEST BASS SPEAKER FOR CAR, best car speakers, car speaker review, Frequency Response

It’s one of the important factors of your car speakers. Every speaker has unique frequency range.

It does indicate the ability of loudness and quality of sound. However, it also indicates how much bass will provide your speaker. This range often divides into subcategories such as “midbass” and “upper midrange”. This Frequency Range present in Hz.


BEST BASS SPEAKER FOR CAR, best car speakers, car speaker review, speaker-impedance

Impedance means the how much current flow from AV output your speakers can handle.

It also indicates that how much current from the battery will consume it and how much value gives you by the sound quality. However, the impedance measured by ohms (Ω). Moreover, it’s important that amplifier impedance and speaker impedance should be compatible.


BEST BASS SPEAKER FOR CAR, best car speakers, car speaker review, speaker-sensitivity

Speaker sensitivity it’s not about speaker sound quality. It’s about converting power into the volume. It does refer to the loudness of speaker.

The higher the sensitivity rating, louder the sound of your speaker with given power of the amplifier. Measurement of sensitivity ratings is decibels.


BEST BASS SPEAKER FOR CAR, best car speakers, car speaker review, speaker-material

Another important factor of the speaker is material. It refers to the quality of sound and sustainability of speaker. The low-quality material is also the cause of sound distortion.

There is various consideration have for various types of speaker for good material. Literally, low price speaker is not good by quality, these made of the low-quality material.


Simply, the speakers are not cheap. If you find the speaker with low price then, overall it’s not quality product plus its waste of your money.

If you want to buy speaker then buy quality speaker which make you satisfy. However, if you have speakers in your home and office, always try to maintain in a right way for long-lasting. Proper placement and organization are important for speakers. Speakers stands could be a good solution for this. Check this nice article – best speaker stands. Hope it will help you regarding this issue. 

Any manufacturer can’t provide quality products at low price.

Well..! You don’t need to search coaxial bass speaker for your car with above considerations. We already have given below review of 5 best coaxial bass speakers which will make great bass in your car. 


Thanks for reading, hope you like this review of 5 best bass speaker for car.

If you have any suggestion or any opinion then please leave a comment below.

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