10 Ways to Boost Your Electric Car Range

Electric cars are the latest trends in the 21st century. This technological innovation by the automotive industry has taken the world by storm. Many countries are now dishing out electrical stations for the charging of these cars, and fuel stations are fast becoming a thing of the past.

But there is a downside with this hot trend; there isn’t much information on the net about this product and how best to utilize it. A typical example is anxiety faced by the owners of these vehicles as related to its range.

It’s something of a concern when driving with one eye on the state-of-charge gauge and the other eye on the road; you seriously don’t want to get stranded with a drained battery.

Ensuring the Charge of Electric Vehicle

Good news is; it’s possible to wriggle out extra miles out of your car batteries charge and also it’d likely to extend its range beyond your electric car’s recommended or rated distance. We give you ten awesome ways to achieve this;

1.  Smooth Driving

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While driving with an electric vehicle, you don’t have to feel like you are emulating the fast and furious guys. Accelerating from a standing position should be smoothly done because if done otherwise is likely to drain the battery of your vehicle at a quick rate.

2. Slow Down

Keeping your speed at 60 mph would help you a lot. Minus avoiding a possible speeding ticket from the authorities, it will go surely bolster your electric battery range. You’ll consume about 14% less of your batteries energy if you keep your speed at 10 mph. Some electric cars have an “Eco” mode which ensures brisk acceleration. But if you decide to purchase those that feature a “sports mode” which makes things more interesting, its best to keep that feature turned off.

3.  Better Use of Regenerative Braking

Electric models come with a regenerating energy-recovering braking feature, and you should ensure making maximum use of this functionality when coming to a stop; the brakes need to be used when it is a necessity. Ensure to enable this functionality always and especially when decelerating which will send back charges to the battery when decelerating.

4. Minimize Heavy Heat Usage

Most electric vehicles come with a heater, and in fact, this is a norm. During the winter months, it makes sense to run your electric vehicle’s heater on full blast to shield you from the cold but can be a bad idea too because it drains the battery of your electric car effortlessly.

We recommend that you pre-heat your vehicle when charging in other to use its climate control feature. Don’t overuse the climate control because it would drain the battery quicker than most other car features; the heated steering and heated seats can provide an excellent alternative in cold weather.

5. Easy with the Air Conditioner

Just like heating, air conditioning also drains the battery at a high rate. There is a popular solution of driving with your windows down, but this can also have an effect on the aerodynamics of your electric vehicle at top speeds thereby draining the battery more because more energy would be needed to propel the car forward because of the drag that would affect the car. Another viable solution is not to run the compressor but run only the fan.

You can also pre-cool your car while charging at this would help save you some battery energy.

6. Take Care of Your Tires

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Inflated tires can cause rapid battery drainage of your vehicle. This is because driving an electric car with poorly inflated or under-inflated tires will accelerate battery drainage and equally lead to tread wear of your tires. It’s advisable always to check your tires air pressure which can be done with a tire gauge.

7. Travel Light

It’s just pure; more load more energy consumption. Every automotive engineer is aware of this fact. When the weigh of a car is reduced, it’s efficiency too is increased. Carrying less cargo during your travels will surely allow you to steal out some more energy from your electric vehicle battery.

8. Keep Your Vehicle Slick

You might aim to have different designs on your electric vehicle, and this might include placing racks on the roof and cargo carriers. We’ve mentioned before the effect of aerodynamic drag; these racks and cargo carriers mentioned above will create these drag, and it will make your car consume more energy.

9. Utilize an Efficient Route

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Driving through the paved highway seems an effective and efficient way to reach your destination quicker, but to ensure your electric vehicles maximum operating range, it’s better to choose a driving route meant for slower speeds. Though you might argue that it will make you reach your destination late, we’re talking about how to save more range while using your electric vehicle.

Areas that generally have heavy traffic should be avoided entirely, also using steep grades, hilly or mountainous routes takes more toil on the battery energy of your electric car. Some cars have a navigation feature to uncover energy-efficient roads, always ensure to use it. Though you should know if that route is generally secure or not.

10. Keep Tabs on Your Charge

If you are like me, that loves leaving your ride in the garage charging always, even though it has completed its charging. Well, it’s not a good idea because most electric cars in the market today will self-discharge slowly when they’ve finished charging. You should be able to time your battery charge so that you will have a full strength battery before you hit the road. This has another advantage concerning the battery of your electric car because it would boost your battery life.

Final Words

Electric cars are a thing of beauty, and ensuring that you get more miles out of your electric vehicle is an important thing to do if you’re a user of this type of vehicle.

We hope this article was helpful to you, and you can drop on the comment section your ways to save more battery on your electric vehicle.

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