How to Install Tweeters In A Car Without Crossover

Integrating a pair of tweeters to your car may seem a little technical and complicated. But once you have the blueprint for installation, it becomes quite easy. Still, a certain level of technical knowledge is necessary.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a brief description of how you can install the tweeters:

  • Choose the location
  • Get the right pair of tweeters
  • Depending on the type of mount, make necessary incisions
  • Adjust them properly
  • Connect the wires according to the right polarity

In this article, we will explain the installation process in detail and also help you understand which type of mount is ideal for a particular location. This will guide you in making the right decision.

What Is A Tweeter?

A tweeter, also known as a treble speaker, is a type of loudspeaker that is capable of producing high-frequency music. It is relatively small in size and has a tiny cone in the middle.

Your tweeter can go from 3 kHz (kilohertz) to 20 kHz. The high frequency and the short wavelength make it compatible with other musical devices like the woofers, midranges, and amplifiers.

Factory-Installed Tweeters

Your car can come incorporated with either one of these two types of tweeters:

  • Coaxial – Also known as a two-way speaker. Here, the tweeter is paired along with woofers in one frame. The dome is placed inside the woofer. Together, they can produce a wide range of music.
  • Component – Here, only the tweeters are at play. They produce high-frequency sound.

Types of Mounting

There are primarily four different types of mounting.

·      Bottom mounting

It is the easiest way to mount the tweeter onto the grille of the car. For this, you don’t need to cut in any additional holes. All you have to do is push down into the tweeter into the existing grille.

·      Surface mounting

This type of mounting requires a little work. Here, you keep the tweeters inside a security cup. And then, mount the cup into the top. Also, to connect the tweeters to the speaker, you need to drill a small hole at the back.

·      Flush mounting

This is the most customizable way of mounting. However, for this, you will have to drill in a big hole in the place of the mount. You can place it either on your dashboard or on your door.

·      Angle mounting

Angle mounting is the more favorable type of mounting as it improves the quality of the bass. If your car has a built-in mount with some degree of freedom, then this will allow you to set your tweeter according to your convenience.

How to Install Tweeters Without Crossover

Where to Install Tweeters in Your Car?

Before you start thinking about the location of where you want to place your tweeters, you need to bear in mind a few factors that can affect the installation process.

Such as the amount of work required, level of convenience, and how the location affects the sound quality. Generally, it is better to place the tweeters about 12 inches apart from your woofer.

Doing this will reduce the chances of any sort of distortion occurring when you play the music.

Now, there are a number of places where you can install tweeters:

·      Upper door

Installing the tweeter into the upper section of the door does involve a fair amount of work. Especially if there isn’t any pre-existing tweeter system or if it is too shallow for the new one.

For this, you need to drill in a hole into the door panel that is large enough for the entire tweeter to fit in. Then, you can flush mount the speaker into the panel.

Or, if the location is small for the installation, you can use the overhead portion of the door instead.

·      “A” pillar

For an “A” pillar location, you can surface mount the tweeters. It is the area that is between the corner of the front window and the main windshield of your car.

Since the location is too narrow for any sort of customization, doing a surface mount is the best option for you.

·      Sail panel

The sail panel is the tiny tapering corner along the side of your window. If you happen to notice that there is an allotment for your tweeter system, you can go for a bottom mount.

But if there isn’t one, you can customize the installation. Here, you can choose a flush mount.

·      Dash

The dash is perhaps the easiest of locations to embark your tweeter onto. The good thing is- you don’t need to make any holes as most of the cars usually have a built-in tweeter system in the dash.

Generally, a bottom mount is ideal for this location. However, you may have to secure it with a bracket for a more permanent fitting. For this, you may opt for a universal back-strap bracket.

Checklist of Items Needed

Before you begin the installation process, you need to gather a few items first.

  • Tweeters
  • Wrench
  • Soldering gun
  • Male and female connectors
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Plastic strips
  • Putty knife

How to Install Tweeters Without Crossovers?

Step 1 – Safety precautions

Before you begin the installation process, switch off the ignition of your car. Next, open the hood and unhinge the nut attached to the negative charge of the battery.

Make sure that you are wearing a pair of rubber gloves and safety glasses before you handle the battery. The gloves will protect you from any residual charge from the battery, and the glasses will shield you from any spatter of corrosive chemicals.

Step 2 – Cut power supply

After you have loosened the nut, remove the negative cable. It is usually black in color. Doing this protects the other electronic devices in your car from short-circuiting.

Step 3 – Remove panels

To install the tweeters to the head unit, choose the ideal location for you, and then remove the necessary panels. For example, if you want to mount it underneath the dashboard, you need to remove the dashboard panel.

If you prefer it on the sides of your door, then you need to remove the door panel. By using a screwdriver, remove the screws attached to the panel. Then, yank the panel out by using a flat, wide putty knife.

Note – the location of the screws for each type of panel can vary depending on the make of your car. Therefore, double-check the user manual before you start removing the panels.

Step 4 – Installing into the dash

To set the tweeters into the dashboard, you will need a handful of nuts and bolts to tighten the connections. However, if you are not a fan of using them as fasteners, you can also make use of plastic strips.

They have a more appealing look. Adjust the strips to ensure they firmly fit, as a bump or a jolt on the road can displace the tweeters easily.

Step 5 – Mounting cups

There is yet another alternative; many people don’t like to drill a lot of holes or make permanent changes to their cars. Not to worry- there is a way out.

You can use small mounting cups to hold the tweeters and attach them to the surface with a screw. This will keep the tweeters in place.

Step 6 – Wiring the tweeters

Connect the wires of the tweeters to that of the head unit by using connectors. Ensure that the polarities are in the right order, or else it will short circuit the entire system.

Check the connection by using a polarity connector. Then, weld the wires together with the help of a soldering gun. Repeat the process for the second set of tweeters.

Types of Tweeters

Although there are a ton of different tweeters that you can use for your car, the following four are arguably the kings of the hill.

·      Hard dome tweeter

These are relatively cheaper in price and quality. They have a dome in the shape of a diaphragm, which is capable of producing high frequencies.

They are usually made out of titanium and aluminum. It is because of this that the frequencies they produce can be distorting and may resonate around certain frequencies.

·      Soft dome tweeter

The finest quality soft dome tweeters have silk in them. These tweeters don’t have the resonance problem of the hard domes, and they sound much better.

However, they do tend to roll off around the higher end of frequency. The latest versions of soft dome tweeters use synthetic plastic.

·      Bullet dome

These tweeters are unique in design. They are also known as horn tweeter. The name comes from the fact that the dome is in the shape of a bullet, and it is placed in the middle of a flared horn. These tweeters are louder and can be paired nicely with a subwoofer to balance it out.

·      Super tweeters

The super tweeters are solely designed to reproduce high treble frequency. They can be paired with other types of tweeters. For example, they add more punch and brightness to a soft dome tweeter. In the case of a hard dome tweeter, they replace the distorted portion.

Pulling the Curtains Down

Choosing the right pair of tweeters and knowing which mount is better suited for a certain location is like winning half the battle. After the mount-location problem is taken care of, you can begin installation.

Here, we have provided you with all the necessary steps and information in order to have a better understanding of what you are doing. We hope the tweeter-installation doesn’t tease you for too long- best of luck!