Pioneer TS-A1675R Review | Best Coaxial Speaker For Car
Pioneer TS-A1675R Review | Best Coaxial Speaker For Car

Pioneer TS-A1675R Review | Best Coaxial Speaker For Car

  • Design: 3 way
  • Frequencyresponse : 35-31,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • PowerHandling :
    • Peak: 300 watts perpair / 150 watts each
    • RMS: 100 watts perpair / 50 watts each
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Multilayer Mica Matrix Mid-wooferCone Material
  • Elastic Polymer Surround
  • Paper cone tweeter
  • Heat-resistant voice coil wire
  • Top-mountdepth : 1-13/16″
  • Warranty: 1 year


Well, there is another one speaker in the market who provides you high value with low price. There is no doubt how much popular and reputed it is in providing car audio systems. However, the Pioneer TS-A1675R speaker is also another great product of this brand. High-value speaker with low price, even a popular brand. Any other good brand will not give this.

This speaker come with best material for providing for clearreproduce sound, outstanding responsiveness and suitable degree internal loss.

For optimum sound reproduction andresponsiveness it’s has multilayer Mica Matrix cone design. Moreover, for highsensitivity it’s has elastic polymer surrounded. It does provide you clear andaccurate vocal sound by its paper cone tweeter plus it does also provide youdecent bass lines and powerful drums sound. All of this gives you powerfulsound quality.

However, its high-frequency response makes it different from other speakers. Its frequency rate and sensitivity maintain continuous power and give balanced sound quality. It has the ability to keep sound quality great in high power input plus it has heat resistant voice coil wire which helps to keep speaker temperature low in thermal condition. Its new grille design looking cool which make car interior looks great. However, this speaker is worth it for money. More than 80% percent of people who purchased it, they are not disappointed plus they also recommend it to others.

Pioneer TS-A1675R Review


Pioneer made their TS-A1675R with fantastically durable materials which helps it to sustain for a long time and also it makes this speaker able to withstand by high power and produce amazing sound quality. The voice coil of this speaker is built in way so that it can provide long lasting efficient performance for many years.

Lightweight and Water-Resistant

This speaker can be easily moved and weigh very less because of it’s Mica material. In addition, it doesn’t loss performance if it gets wet, rather it provides long-lasting performance with great sound quality.

Low Internal Loss

Well, you will not observe much distortion from this speaker like other speakers of the market. Because of fantastic mica matrix cone it’s doesn’t make internal loss.


You can consider Pioneer TS-A1675R an innovative car speaker because of the latest technology it used. There aren’t that many speakers in the market with these technologies.


  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Nice mid’s and high’s
  • Easy install
  • Reasonable price


  • Some users said they didn’t get strong bass. But it’s not specific at all.


If you are looking forward to change your car speakers or factory speakers with coaxial speakers then Pioneer TS-A1675R definitely would a great option for you.

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