Win Grand Scholarship worth $1000 by Car Music Lab - Car Music Lab

Win Grand Scholarship worth $1000 by Car Music Lab

A sweet announcement for all the students around the world. Car Music Lab is launching a scholarship program worth $1000. This scholarship will be awarded to talented students who have remarkable writing skills. This program is open for students studying in school, college or university. The university through which the scholarship will be launched is well known for its remarkable staff, the focus on good education and students’ marvelous achievements compared to other universities. Car Music Lab is all about Car Audio industry.

Now, for this program, the students will be provided with the topic on which they have to produce their best essay. The participants should read the guidelines properly and also make sure to check whether you are eligible or not. As the entries would be reviewed in the real-time there is a possibility the winner might get chosen even before the competition ends.


Aftermarket audio products: To change or not to change?
Results: 12/19/2019


  • Allowed only one entry per student.
  • If multiple entries submitted, rest will be disqualified and the only the first one will be considered.
  • Make sure to submit your best work as no editing or modification is allowed.
  • The entry done should be original and unique. It should be plagiarism free and should be able to pass copy-scape successfully.
  • The essay should not be more than 500 words.
  • Exceptional write up might make its writer win even before the deadline.


  • Must have proper knowledge about the topic
  • The write up should be impressive and top-notch.
  • Apart from the topic’s theoretical working, you should be able to derive some real-life examples.
  • The content should make the reviewer feel that you have good observational skills.
  • An expressive and engaging essay might earn you more brownie points.
  • The writer should have the burning passion to get recognized.

If you have what it takes to impress the panel of experienced reviewers, you are in for a treat. Here are some of the rewards which you can win by putting that extra effort in your content.

  • $1000 for the writer with the best essay
  • The mentioning in the university’s PRs
  • The name will be mentioned on the University’s website headline
  • And an amazing chance to be part of your writing team.

And to win all these amazing deals you need to make sure to read the points that might help in your selection. They are-

  • Expressive writing is preferred
  • The content should be more practical than theoretical
  • Good observational skills required to put down some good analysis regarding the topic
  • The style of writing should be more engaging than a monotone essay
  • The presentation quality of the write up should be interactive.

Keeping these points in mind you shall put your right thought forward and wow the reviewers with your mesmerizing piece of work. After reading all the criteria, if you think you can bag this scholarship, here’s how you can apply for the scholarship program.

  • 1. Full name
  • 2. Address and contact details (phone no. and email)
  • 3. Name of the institution (school/college/university)
  • 4. Copy of the institution’s transcript
  • 5. Essay
  • 6. Your Photo
  • 7. Email all these details to

Create your best work and send your write up and accurate details to the email provided above. Your time is here, your time is now.