Component VS Coaxial Speakers | Which One Should I Buy?
Component VS Coaxial Speakers | Which One Should I Buy?

Component VS Coaxial Speakers | Which One Should I Buy?

The quality of the audio system insideyour vehicle is one of the things that many people privilege. They love to buyelectronic products for the car, but sometimes because they don’t know theyspend money unnecessarily. From Radio GPS we will teach you how to choose thebest speakers for the sound of your car and that fit your needs.

How The Speakers Work

Many love to feel and live music when they go inside their car, with greater quality, emotion, and realism. Quality audio makes the experience of listening to your favorite songs different.

The speakers are responsible for theaudio quality. Although it will also depend on the multimedia radio of the caryou have installed. To do this, you must make consistent decisions that fitwhat you need. Do it without spending too much money and you can make the mostof your sound.

They start by converting theelectrical signal that the amplifiers send to you, in acoustics. They get itwhen they interact with a variable magnetic field. They create a coiledconductor that is the coil with that of a permanent magnet.

That process causes repulsion orattraction between the magnet and the coil. It works with music at the sametime and changes frequency and polarity accordingly.

The coiled conductor is installed on amobile diaphragm, which causes the vibrations produced by the movement to beeffected efficiently and transmit the sound.

Speaker Types

A single speaker will not be able toreproduce all the frequencies generated by the music, with the quality andrealism expected. Ideally for it to work more productively is to have severalroutes. This means that different types of car speakers are installed that canexercise different frequency ranges.

To choose the best speakers for thesound of your car you must know the types that are in the market. Are these:

Coaxial SpeakersWhat is Coaxial Speaker?

Coaxial, or full-range speakers, and components are the two broad categories of speakers that can be used when building or improving car sound systems. The most common type is the coaxial speaker, which is found in virtually all OEM car stereo systems that leave the line. Each of these speakers contains more than one controller, which allows them to produce a wide range of audio frequencies. Component speakers are less common, but audiophiles often rely on them when they build high-performance car audio systems. Each of these speakers is composed of a single controller, so they are designed to produce only high, medium or low tones.

Component Speakers

The range of human hearing is about 20to 20,000 Hz, and that spectrum is generally divided into a handful ofdifferent categories when it comes to speaker technology. The componentspeakers each handle a single portion, or component, of that range. The highestfrequencies are created by the tweeters, the lowest by the woofers, and themid-range speakers fit between those ends. Since the component speakers eachcontain a cone and a controller, they fit perfectly into those categories.

Which Are Better in Cars?

Component and coaxial speakers haveadvantages and disadvantages, so there is no simple answer to the question ofwhich one is better. Some of the strengths offered by each option include:

Full range coaxial speakers:

  • Less expensive
  • Direct fit
  • No needcrossovers
  • Component:
  • Superior soundquality
  • More Customization

In terms of sound quality, componentspeakers are unquestionably better, but the full-range speakers are less costlyand simpler to install. Since most OEM systems use full-range speakers, theupdate is typically a matter of simply dropping into new speakers.

If budget or ease of installation isthe main concerns, then full-range speakers will be the best option.High-quality full-range speakers may not be able to match or exceed component speakers,but they can still provide a good listening experience.

Component speakers provide a muchhigher customization chance. In addition to providing better sound quality withcomponent speakers, each speaker can be separately positioned to produce theperfect sound landscape for a specific car. If sound quality is more importantthan budget or time, then component speakers are the solution.

Coaxial Speakers: It is one of themost demanded because it can be considered the most practical. They are composedof different speakers, the main one that acts as a bass, and other secondaryones that act as medium and high. All this constituted in the same speaker,intensifies the sound making it pleasant.

How to Choose the Best Speakers for The Sound of Your Car?

To choose speakers that enhance thesound of your car, you must select the ones that best suit the radio. Since allhave different connections and functions for each car model. To make it easier,you can opt for a multifunctional solution such as universal radios.

If you want to buy the best speakersfor your car and live another experience with a quality sound you can followthe following tips:

Power and Sound Quality

The power will be the measure thatwill indicate the ability of the speakers to generate sound. This will beaccording to the characteristics of the radio. To be able to choose the bestspeakers for the sound of your car you have to take this into account.

Since we are talking about how muchenergy they can be able to receive from the amplifiers, it is specified inwatts or watts in Spanish. It is usually distributed on several channels. Anaverage force is 4 x 30, that is, there are four thirty-watt channels. Othershave a higher resistance with 50 watts per channel.

If you are going to buy speakers foryour car radio and it does not have amplifiers, you should choose low powerones that the equipment is capable of working efficiently. And the quality ofthe music you listen to in the car will depend directly on the radio.

Manufacturing Materials

There is a wide range of brands andmodels of speakers, some more expensive than others. The quality of thematerials is an aspect that influences the cost. It does not mean that somebecause they are cheaper than others, are bad.

Assembly and Installation

You must assess the productinstallation process. Take into account the physical space you have for theassembly of this. It is recommended that you opt for speakers that have astandardized installation since it does not require moving existing connectorsto adjust them.

If the existing installation is old, it may not suit current models. And you will have to change and update all the connectors.

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