Component VS Coaxial Speakers | Which One Should I Buy?
Component VS Coaxial Speakers | Which One Should I Buy?

Component VS Coaxial Speakers | Which One Should I Buy?

When we are planning to upgrade the car audio system especially car speakers, we see that there are 2 types of speakers are available in the market. Component and Coaxial speakers.

But, what’s the differences between Component and Coaxial speakers? and Which one you should choose when you are upgrading your car audio system.

So, in this post, we are going to share with you the differences between Components and Coaxial speakers.

Well before going into it, let’s first know what are the parts a speaker has.

Parts of Speakers

Tweeter: Tweeter is small speakers dedicated to the high-frequency response.

Super Tweeter: Super tweeter is the product which gives ultra high-frequency reproduction. Typically, these found in 4 or 5-way full-range speakers.

Mid-Range: Mid-range speakers are those parts of speakers which responsible for handling middle frequency and are used in conjunction with tweeters and woofers.

Woofer: A woofer is a speaker who used to reproduce the bass and lower midrange frequency.

Subwoofer: Subwoofer is one kind of specialized speaker dedicated to the lowest frequencies in an audio track. These speakers bodies are large and installed on trunk space and other rear compartments.

Crossover: Crossover is the system which provides a clean sound quality of an audio track, and it allows frequency range to the speakers on the base of their size and design as well as high frequencies for the tweeter, mid frequencies for the mid-range and low frequencies for the woofer. External crossover used in components speakers and built-in crossover used in coaxial speakers.Coaxial Speakers

Most common type’s speakers in the car are coaxial speakers. It’s also called full-range speakers. Most of the car comes equipped with these types of speakers.

Its design minimizes the installation space in the car because the tweeter of these speakers has mounted on the woofer cone. It’ called full range because these speakers can handle the entire range of the frequency spectrum the stereo provides.

Coaxial speakers have several configurations. This full-range speaker has divided into a number of categorized by their driver (2 way, 3 way, etc.). 2way is the most common configuration of this type of speakers. There has allowed 3 way, and 4-way speakers.

2 way: It has a woofer cone for handling the low frequencies, and a tweeter mounted on top which handles low frequencies.

3 way: The 3-way configuration of coaxial speakers is comprised of the woofer, tweeters and an additional driver which is called mid-range. The mid-range driver handles the middle frequencies and provides boosts, detail, and better sound quality through balancing the frequency slope.

4 way: 4-way speakers as well as has the woofer, mid-range, and the tweeter. But it has extra another driver which is “super tweeter.” Super tweeter dedicated to ultra-high-frequency reproduction.

Most of the people choose coaxial speakers, because of its low price and easy installation. Coaxial speaker price is very reasonable than components speakers; even it’s very easy to install than components speakers.

But, the thing is, the coaxial speakers have the lack of sound quality, booby bass and strong if you compare it with components speakers. However, it doesn’t mean that coaxial speaker does not provide good sound quality. If you are searching a decent quality speaker with good sound quality, then you should go with the coaxial speaker. It’s easy to mount, and you can great sound quality without any modification.

High-end full range or coaxial speakers are enough for most of the users. It’s simple that you will get on the base of your pay. It’s silly that comparing coaxial speakers priced at $50 with $200. But you can compare a $250 coaxial with $300 component set speaker.

Components Speaker

Components speaker provide dedicated sound quality through its separate driver. Components speakers included two woofers, two tweeters, and two external crossovers. These drivers mounted in at separate locations from each other, but they work with one another.

Drivers of components speaker car vary. Most of the components speaker comes with two tweeters and two woofers. But, there are some of the components speakers in the market which come with an extra driver called which called “mid-range”. It handles the mid frequencies rather handle its woofer. So that it can provide overall better sound quality.

However, you can enhance the sound quality of your car audio system by adding super tweeter and subwoofers. Subwoofer handles the low frequencies and provides incredible boost bass and tweeters handle the high frequencies for better sound quality. Check out the JBL GTO 609c Components speaker

At The Last

Components speaker is far better than the coaxial speaker on the based off sound quality. But coaxial speakers also great if you want good speakers which are less expensive and easy to install.

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