Best Head Unit - 8 Best Double Din Head Units (Updated)

Best Head Unit – 8 Best Double Din Head Units (Updated)

When buying the Best Double Din Head Unit sound system for your vehicle, there are many aspects to take into account. That’s why from Radio GPS we want you to know how are the 1 DIN and 2 DIN car radios. The question of whether some are better than others is reasonable.

Our Top 3 Best Double Din Head Units

Pioneer AVH-210EX Sony XAVAX1000 Alpine iLX-W650 7"

The Two Sizes Of Car Radios

It is effortless to decide which oneyou need. If your car has a single DIN unit that means that the front is about180 x 50 millimeters, on the other hand, if you have one of two, it will be thesame width but twice as tall, that is 180 x 100 millimeters. These are standardmeasures.

You don’t always need a double-DINradio, although your car comes with one of these you can replace it with asimple but Best Double Din Head Unit. On the other hand, if the vehicle comeswith one of a DIN, it will be almost impossible to change it for a double, forspace.

How Are The 1 DIN and 2 DIN Car Radios

DIN stands for Deutsches Institut fürNormung, which is the German Standardization Institution that created thestandard for head units used in cars today.

DIN standard specifies the dimensionsfor the central unit of the car when viewed from the front; it must be the sizewe mentioned before 180 x 50 mm.

You will think that only two measureshave been taken, not to mention the depth. And, although it is an essentialfactor neither DIN nor ISO specify it. Nor do they suggest depth ranges for thecentral units of cars. That means that some equipment will not look good oncertain vehicles.

Some modern central units are theright size for contemporary cars. But there are always exceptions. That is whyit is a good idea to check the dimensions of the radio and the specificationsof the vehicle before making the purchase — either one or two DIN.

How To Know What Kind Of DIN My Car Has?

To find out if your car has a radiusof 1 DIN, the easiest is to measure it. The great advantage of the 1 DIN onesis that they are cheaper because they have fewer features; For example, theyhave no touch screen. But it will be in the interest of a buyer to go for theBest Double Din Head Unit as it gives you the safety and ease that you needwhile driving.

Depending on this measure you canchoose between 1 or 2 DIN. Above we mention the millimeters of each one. Wehave listed the eight Best Double Din Head Unit you can find and the featuresthat differentiate them from others.

Reviews of 8 Best Double Din Head Units

Pioneer AVH-210EX – Best Car Stereo Brand Sound Quality

Best Double Din Head Unit

Pioneer is one of the leading companies of the automotive industry. If you want a quality touchscreen double din best car head unit with a reasonable price which will be one of the best car stereo brand sound quality, then I will definitely recommend you to buy Pioneer AVH-210EX Touchscreen double din head unit.

The Pioneer Touchscreen DVD Bluetooth Receiver is one of the Best Double Din Head Units, you can add full-fledged multimedia choices to your vehicle without straining your bank account. Their AVH-211EX DVD receiver provides a responsive touchscreen, a Bluetooth built-in, grinding sound tuning capability, and ways to enjoy your favorite entertainment while you’re in the vehicle. Bluetooth makes your drive better with the built-in Bluetooth of this Pioneer while maintaining your hands on the wheel; you will create and take calls securely.

And the best part of this Best Double Din Head Unit is that the external microphone included ensures that you are heard loud and clear by anyone you call. If you have favorite streaming services or music files on your phone, you don’t even need to plug in by wireless audio streaming to listen to them.

Best Double Din Head Unit

With this best double din head unit and best car stereo brand sound quality, you can connect your audio device to the auxiliary inputs, and use USB to manage your iPhone and Android phone to play CDs. When the parking brake is activated, you can watch DVDs or send the video output when you are mobile to optional rear-seat screens.

The AVH-211EX rocks out with a stable amplifier, backed up by a versatile 13-band equalizer that tames the flat spots in the acoustics of your car. Connect an amp or powered sub to the three sets of preamp inputs if you’re searching for even more punch and blow stuff up a knot.

Would you like to maintain control of your steering wheel?

That is where the Best Double Din Head Unit comes in. With this car stereo, you will need an adapter in most vehicles to retain those controls. Connect a few cables, then program the adapter for your specific vehicle and radio, and keep your steering wheel controls convenient.


  • It has a built-inBluetooth receiver.
  • Responsivetouchscreen.
  • Has auxiliaryinputs.

What we like

  • Great sounds and can watch DVDs with the USB drive.
  • High quality and reliability.

What we don’t like

  • Does not play MP4videos.
  • Lack of turn dialon volume.

Pioneer AVH-2300NEX – Best Double Din Head Unit For Sound Quality

Best Double Din Head Unit

This Pioneer NEX is the best double din head unit for sound quality. The recipient line of Pioneer NEX or networked entertainment experience features an innovative and robust fresh user interface that is responsive and extremely customizable.

The NEX models are specifically intended for the lifestyle-driven by smartphones today. The AVH-2300NEX features Apple car play as the smarter, safer, and more enjoyable manner to use your car’s iPhone, the Best Double Din Head Unit provides surety for this.

Apple car play provides an incrediblyintuitive way for iPhone users to create calls, use maps, listen to music, andaccess emails with a phrase or a touch.


  • Apple Carplay: The AVH-2300NEX displays Apple CarPlay, the smarter, safer, and more enjoyable way your iPhone can be used in your vehicle.
  • Android Auto: This features Android Auto, which extends the Android platform into the vehicle in a manner that is built for driving purposes and automatically brings you essential data and organizes it into easy cards that appear when required. This Best Double Din Head Unit is intended to minimize distraction so that the path ahead can remain focused.
  • AppRadioLIVE: AppRadioLIVE simplifies your drive by mixing in a single, easy-to-use interface the data you need during your commute.
  • Spotify App Control: With Spotify being a dedicated A/V source on the AVH-2300NEX, you are now able to control the content on iPhone and Android devices from the Spotify app.
  • iDataLink Maestro: Keep your factory characteristics and expand your vehicle connectivity level with Pioneer NEX and Maestro RR iDatalink.
  • USB Direct Control for iPod/iPhone: Pioneer’s AVH-2300NEX is prepared to roll over an optional USB interface cable (sold individually) to your iPod or iPhone for music and video, depending on your iOS device.
  • Enhanced User Interface: More advanced than ever, NEX attributes an easy-to-use, extremely customizable, responsive, intuitive, and robust touchscreen user interface. NEX is intended explicitly for today’s lifestyle based on smartphones and tablets.
Best Double Din Head Unit

What we like

  • Installs easilyand has versatile control of every other thing.
  • Good responsivescreen.
  • Bluetooth menu isoutstanding regardless of your method of connection.
  • Very easy tocustomize.

What we don’t like

  • Bluetooth audioconstantly freezes and loses sync.
  • Its Spotify appsometimes skips.

Sony XAVAX1000 6.2″ – Best Car Head Unit

Best Double Din Head Unit

With this item, you can use this Sony 6.2-inch media receiver to navigate your smartphone without taking your hands off the wheel. This type of Best Double Din Head Unit is compatible with Apple CarPlay, enabling smartphone integration with voice control through this media center. This 6.2-inch Sony media receiver readily connects to your mobile for accessing traffic information, checking messages, or making calls.

Best Double Din Head Unit

Features and Specifications

  • Great Sound – With a responsive 15.7-cm diagonal (6.2) touchscreen display that wakes up two and a half times quicker than earlier models and Apple CarPlay connectivity, enjoys intuitive and natural control for each trip.
  • Smarter driving with intelligent voice control– Apple CarPlay makes it easier than ever to navigate, communicate, and play music on the road.23
  • Your navigator– Get real-time instructions without ever taking your hands off the wheel. Navigate easily to your destination or search for mid-journey stopovers.
  • Responsive touchscreen – Everything you need is a quick tap away, thanks to the 15.7-cm diagonal (6.2) full-color touchscreen.
  • Turn or push to control– The ergonomic rotary dial allows distraction-free operation. Turn it to volume control, or press the built-in button to start menus for sound control. Hold the button to use voice orders as an alternative.
  • Robust, transparent amplification– Advanced signal processing from the Dynamic Reality Amp 2 4 x 55 W removes interference, making music sound clear and comprehensive even when the volume is cranked up.
  • Rear-view camera ready– Was a camera rear mounted? View your feed through the screen, along with customizable rules, to assist you securely get back in.
  • Easy installation with a compact rear chassis– The back frame is much lower than standard double-DIN units despite its double-DIN display. This makes the facility much more accessible and leaves plenty of room behind the screen for cabling and other accessories.
  • Specifications and Features – The best way to get the Best Double Din Head Unit is to monitor everything on the highway, so you can concentrate on riding securely. Apple CarPlay voice control enables with addresses, calls, and more. The big, transparent touchscreen wakes up two and a half times quicker than earlier models and allows you to control your music and smartphone features intuitively.
  • Voice control with Apple CarPlay.
  • Rearview camera ready for simple parking.
  • Create Dynamic Stage Organizer.
  • Rotary virtual speakers on your dashboard for simple operation.

Considering it’s all the features I must say it’s one of the best double din android head units.

What we like

  • Great stereo forApple users.
  • Communicateseasily with Apple play.

What we don’t like

  • No Androidsupport.

PIONEER MVH-1400NEX – Best Double Din Head Unit For Sound Quality

Best Double Din Head Unit

Pioneer NEX or networked entertainment recipient line experience features a responsive and extremely customizable, innovative, and robust user interface. The NEX car stereo models are intended mainly for the lifestyle-driven by today’s smartphone. This will be 6-2/10 in.

It’s a dual-din digital media in-dash, and Bluetooth and Apple car play a/V receiver. It can also manage a backup camera if you even choose to add one. Since this is an all-digital best car head unit, you can use your smart devices or MP3 players to play both video and audio. You can even enjoy FLAC in your vehicle with these res audio files! Make Pioneer fly these miles.


  • Easy: This is one of the advantages of the Best Double Din Head Unit products, the NEX pioneer features Apple CarPlay, is a smarter, safer, and more enjoyable way to use your car’s iPhone. Apple CarPlay provides an incredibly intuitive way for iPhone users to create calls, use maps, listen to music, and access emails with a phrase or a touch.
  • Compatibility: Connect your compatible iOS or Android smartphone to NEX for an indeed linked experience, bring many of your favorite applications straight into the dashboard and allow you to interact using sophisticated Bluetooth connectivity of high quality.
  • Bluetooth Built-in: All NEX models feature Bluetooth built-in that allows hands-free calling as well as audio streaming. NEX offers more natural sound quality and information during calls, including the new Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.6) with Wideband Speech capacity which comes with every Best Double Din Head Unit. NEX even allows you to browse and pick the media stored on your smartphone using the AVRCP 1.6 profile when streaming music.

If you are searching a best double din head unit for sound quality this head unit would be your great choice.

Other Notable Features

  • It is a clear-resistive touchscreen,
  • A 24-bit true color panel,
  • It has a display & color customization,
  • It also has a dedicated Spotify A/V source control content from iPhone & Android devices,
  • Equipped with multi-language display (attention/SP/FR/chi),
  • A hands-free calling & audio streaming,
  • A dual phone connection, input, composite a/V input, wired remote input, composite video output.
  • USB Device or some Android devices to generate a virtual DJ inside the Pioneer receiver with added transitions & impacts.
  • Requires the Google Play android auto app and a 5.0 lollipop or greater Android compatible smartphone.

What we like

  • Quick andexcellent sound.
  • Lots of inputsand output features.

What we don’t like

  • App radio is alittle difficult to navigate.

Alpine iLX-W650 – Best Double Din Head Unit Android

Best Double Din Head Unit

The Alpine digital media receiver with AM/FM tuner does not play CDs and has a shallow-mount chassis design (2-7/16″ deep). It is designed to pair with Alpine’s KTA-450 power pack amplifier and touchscreen swipe controls.

Also, it is designed to work withApple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This Best Double Din Head Unit product possesses a hands-free control which lets you access apps using your voice. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity helps you enjoy music apps like Pandora and Spotify.

The USB port accommodates variousdevices and thumb drives. The Smartphone features are also designed to workwith Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with its built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPadcontrol.

The Android control through USB, Pandora, and Spotify control with iPhone and Android, Siri Eyes-Free Control; works with Google Assistant. Alpine iLX-W650 is one of the Best Double Din Head Unit Android

Other Features and Speculations

  • Compatible withmost factory steering wheel audio controls (adapter required), externalmicrophone included — built-in amplifier.

What we like

  • Great Alpinequality sound,
  • An intuitiveinterface,
  • A quality touchscreen,
  • It also comeswith a seamless pairing AppleCar Play.
  • Simple and easyto use.

What we don’t like

  • No animations,transitions or customizations.
  • No color-changinglight.
  • Cannot useAndroid auto with it.

Pioneer AVH-1400NEX – Best Apple Carplay Head Unit

Best Double Din Head Unit

With its many activities, it’s challenging to call Apple Car Play just a feature. With the Pioneer’s MVH-1400NEX digital multimedia receiver installed in a dash, voice instructions and an occasional touch of a finger, one can stay in contact with the outside globe. Pioneer AVH-1400NEX is Best Apple Carplay Head Unit.

But this Best Double Din Head UnitPioneer product provides so much more, from high-resistance FLAC playback toBluetooth streaming to compatibility with SiriusXM. And a 13-band EQ andextensive sound-shaping instruments make this excellent recipient a must forthe music lover.


  • Digital multimedia receiver with AM/FM tuner
  • 6. 2″ capacitive touchscreen display
  • Bluetooth built-in for hands-free audio streaming and calling
  • Works with Apple Car Play and Fits double-DIN (4″-tall) dash openings.

Other Notable Features

  • Without the USB cable to iPhone:
    • The Pandora app works decently over Bluetooth but sometimes requires launching from the iPhone if you were listening to some other audio app (Podcast, iHeart, etc.). But a lot of the time it fires right up.
    • Also, the Bluetooth connection to Pandora connects better than selecting Pandora from the receiver.
    • Also, the Siri, like every other Best Double Din Head Unit works quite well when pressing the microphone button. You can ask about the weather, your next calendar appointment, launch navigation (however maps only launches on the phone screen if not USB tethered).
  • With the USB cable to iPhone:
    • You get Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze maps – all quite fast and responsive.
    • The Apple texting app works excellently well while tethered. Siri will read and then do a voice respond to text messages.

What we like

  • The touchscreenworks quite well and efficiently.
  • Lots of features.

What we don’t like

  • The legal prompt comes up every time the deck is up.

JVC KW-V25BT 6.2″ Touchscreen Double-DIN – Best Sounding Car Stereo

Best Double Din Head Unit

This product has an integratedBluetooth technology for hands-free conversation and streaming of audio. ThisHands-Free Profile makes it possible to connect a hands-free vehicle kit to acompatible HSP mobile phone: Headset Profile that allows a Bluetooth headset toconnect to a compatible PBAP mobile phone. This makes it one of the Best DoubleDin Head Unit.

The Phone Book Access Profile enablesthe car stereo to show the incoming caller’s name and straight from the carstereo A2DP to access the mobile phone contact list. The Advanced AudioDistribution Profile feature is to enable the streaming of high-quality audiofrom an audio device to the AVRCP vehicle stereo: Audio/Video Remote ControlProfile that supports fundamental remote control features (play, pause, etc.)via Bluetooth SPP.

The Serial Port Profile offers a wireless substitute for SIRI serial communications based on RS-232: Eyes Free Mode for iPhone and iPhone that works with most Bluetooth-enabled cell phones Including an internal wired microphone for apparent, convenient, distortion-free speech Maximum anger. If you are looking for the best sounding car stereo and best double din head unit under 100 then this best car head unit is definitely for yours.


  • Output power: peak of 50 wattsx 4 channels / RMS: 22 wattsx 4 channels.
  • Multilingual display of the MP3 ID3 tag (title / artist / album)/17 language.
  • For iOS devices, Siri eyes-free.3-Pre-outs/4.0V.
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology for hands-free conversation and streaming of audio.
  • Sirius XM is prepared for satellite radio.

What we like

  • Great sound andaudio can be customized.
  • Head unit worksgreatly well.

What we don’t like

  • Does not supportmany songs in MP3.

Kenwood DDX375 6.2 Inch – Best Sound Quality Car Stereo

Best Double Din Head Unit

Here is one of the Best Double DinHead Unit item which has a Clear Resistive Panel, Touch Panel Control, VariableKey Illumination, Customizable Background and Multi-Language Menu & Tag (22languages including English, Spanish and French).

It also has a Bluetooth (Hands-Free Profile/Audio Profile (A2DP)/SPP), iPhone Bluetooth Auto Pairing, and Android. It has a dual phone connection, Pandora / iHeart Radio/Spotify App Ready for Wireless Music Browsing (Android and iPhone App) and an OEM Remote Control Interface. If you are looking for the best sound quality car stereo then this car head unit would a great choice of yours.

If you are searching a best double din touchscreen head unit, this head unit would be your great choice.


  • Functionality: Simple, functional, and customizable screen navigation layout. Buttons and features are readable and compelling menu flow. All operate fantastically with radio tuning / presets, CD / DVD functionality, USB playback, and Bluetooth phone connections.
  • Sound Quality and Customization: For each playback mode/device, the device has a multi-channel EQ configuration which is one of the features of the Best Double Din Head Unit. Even with the standard car speakers, after upgrading to this unit, there was a noticeable rise in sound quality (clarity and loudness). New volume control, direction control, etc. alternatives are available. The group also has RCA-style connectors on the back to connect to other sound configurations/amplifiers, etc.

Other Notable Features

  • 6.2 inch VGAColor LCD LED backlight display.
  • BluetoothBuilt-in (Hands-Free Profile / Audio Profile(A2DP)(AAC)/SPP) Clear ResistivePanel / Touch Panel Control, Variable Key Illumination.
  • Android DualPhone Connection / Rapid Charge.
  • 1Video Rear ViewCamera Input(Parking Guide Line).

What we like

  • The DDX375BT hasa clean, minimalist design that looks good in any dashboard, and maximizes thetouch screen size and functionality.
  • There are no uglyor useless buttons or quirky design features hogging up space.
  • The display isvery bright and crisp, and the touchscreen is responsive.
  • Screen backgroundand color scheme can be customized.

What we don’t like

  • The power-on moment is not that snappy (at least 5 seconds after beginning your vehicle), as is sometimes 1-2 second lag when switching between menus/functions.
  • No physical quick-off/on the button (“Standby” mode can only be activated by pressing a touch screen button on the home screen. Otherwise, the system must be switched off by holding down the primary power button for two seconds or simply manually turning the volume down-either way it takes at least a few seconds to keep the radio silent, no matter what).
  • The beep/button sound menu feedback does not appear to alter the volume.
  • Only Sirius XM and iHeartRadio do not appear to have a regular FM radio tuner with a “scan” feature.

Bonus – 5 Best Head Units For Single Din Car

1. Pioneer DEH-150MP – Out Pick Best Single Din Head Unit

Pioneer is one of the leading company of the automotive audio industry. They have a good reputation for making quality products. Pioneer DEH-150MP car stereo is one of the great pieces of their products and it’s our picked best single din head unit for you.

It’s the cheapest single head unit on our list. The quality and feature it does provide with this cheapest price it’s unbeatable. It will be hard to find a head unit with the cheapest price like Pioneer DEH-150MP.
This best single din head unit comes with cool looks and features that you really need. Installation and operation are very easy. It’ has a multi-segmented LCD display with LED backlights and much better display size which ensure good visibility and legibility. Provides plenty of bass with flexible equalizer adjustment. Also has high & low pass filter settings, subwoofer level control, aux port, and many more features.

This stereo will be a great choice for you if you need a head unit which will fulfill your expectation without destroying your bank account.

This best single din head unit comes with cool looks and features that you really need. Installation and operation are very easy. It’ has a multi-segmented LCD display with LED backlights and much better display size which ensure good visibility and legibility. Provides plenty of bass with flexible equalizer adjustment. Also has high & low pass filter settings, subwoofer level control, aux port, and many more features.
This stereo will be a great choice for you if you need a head unit which will fulfill your expectation without destroying your bank account.

• It is lightweight
• It can feature 12 characters LCD display
• The product features FM/AM tuner for nearest stations signals
• Features a CD player for both burned and manufactured discs

• This model is too fragile
• Difficult to install

2. Alpine CDE-HD149BT- Best Head Unit

Alpine CDE – HD149BT is one of the amazing and excellent single head units in the market now. It’s not easy to find another single din head unit to beat with its features and outstanding performance.

It has many features, easy to install and very intuitive. Sound quality is really fantastic, play crystal clear music from the iPod. And the graphics are really cool, comfortable to use it. It does provide excellent performance for audio streaming, controlling, TuneIt app and do all work without a hitch.

As well as it has Parrot Bluetooth technology for the hands-free call and music streaming, built-in HD Radio tuner for listening clean and clear HD radio, 2way iPod control to allow you to control from iPod and also from the stereo.
It has a remote control system, but they don’t include it in stereo cost, you have to buy it separately.

However, the CEA complaint of this stereo ensures you the quality of this product. It includes a wired microphone which gives you clear and distortion-free talking. It also has phone battery level indicator, phone signal strength indicator, and show Facebook notifications with select Smartphone’s which give you more ease while you are driving. Moreover, you can adjust the bass level by separate subwoofer volume level control.

This amazing single din car stereo offers you all the features that you want from an ideal single din stereo.

• Clean and clear music
• Excellent hands-free
• Easy to read display
• Good phone interface
• Ability to adjust everything

• The TuneIT app isn’t the best
• Limited formats for USB drive using

3. Kenwood KDCBT372 – Best Head Unit

The Kenwood KDCBT372 vehicle digital media and CD receiver player is another model of the Kenwood guys that is also a fierce competitor in the world of car digital media players. The Kenwood Company is really a force to reckon with for taking charge of the market with their two varying products and each with a unique feature. We have discussed the KMMBT322 and its cool features, but the Kenwood KDCBT372 is a more upgraded version of a car media player.

In design, the KDCBT372 comes with a sleek feature that can easily adapt to any car. Possessing a theft deterrent faceplate, this also means it is built with top security in mind. Coming into the market with a 13 digit LCD display and easy to use features like the direct key and rotary encoder which ensures easy operation by its users speaks a lot about this product.

You might be curious about the band equalizer, well this product doesn’t disappoint in that aspect as it features a 13 graphic band equalizer to ensure maximum satisfaction from its user.
In general, this Kenwood model is power-packed with lots of essential features like the dimmer control feature and a digital clock.

• Security-minded product
• 13 graphic band equalizer
• Features USB and AUX interface
• Smartphone rapid charge
• Smartphone connectivity
• Backs last played up memory
• Ultra-easy installation
• Receives CD

• It doesn’t have a remote control

4. The Kenwood KMMBT322 – Best Single din Navigation Head Unit

The Kenwood KMMBT322 is a car digital media player which is unique and a fierce competitor in this industry. This Bluetooth and USB receiver car multimedia player has been built to be compatible with both Apple and Android which is not an easy feat to be matched when quality is the topic.

The stereo of this Kenwood model is arguably the best because it comes loaded with functionaries that will adapt to the sound of your car. Its visualization is very amazing because it is incorporated with a double function which shows melodic names, and the other side shows sound graphics, time and cell signal.

The Kenwood KMMBT322 ensures you access your songs of varying types (AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA) from your Apple and Android devices, and enables you to enjoy apps like Siri Eyes Free control.

This digital media player will suit almost any type of car without unnecessary hassles which might arise in other car media players, also it should be noted that this cost-effective car digital media player comes loaded with 13 equalizer bands which ensure maximum satisfaction when playing music. Below we look at its pros and cons.

• Save last played memory
• Cost-effective
• Configurable background colors
• Possesses a USB auxiliary
• Features 13 EQ bands
• Easy to setup

• The Bluetooth connection can be unstable sometimes
• It doesn’t have remote control

5. Pioneer AVH-3400NEX – Best Single Din Touchscreen Head Unit

Pioneer, is a revolutionary name which reverberates as a powerhouse of car media players whenever the best car media players are mentioned. This innovative company proves that they’re a force to reckon with by releasing their Pioneer AHV-3400NEX.

This Pioneer AVH-3400NEX model came into the market with a game-changing technology which ensures that apps can directly be controlled by you on your own dashboard.

When a compatible device is connected to it; and Android smartphone or newer versions of iPhone (from iPhone 5) with its individual accurate interface cable which is, by the way, sold separately, and you activate the Pioneer’s awesome free AppRadio app, then you can control full-screen access.

This innovative technology ensures a safer driving especially since the map, calendar or contacts can be actually controlled on the dash using this product.

Note: check out the comparison review of Pioneer AVH 3400NEX vs. AVH 3300NEX

What about its other features?
The Pioneer AVH-3400NEX features Bluetooth with powerful connectivity. You can effortlessly manipulate your song from the comfort of your phone or even listen to calls at a highly clear quality. Its Bluetooth connection is done almost effortlessly, which ensures the driver focuses on the road. If you’re a music lover, then this product is for you, because it comes loaded with free music streaming and radio apps for utmost satisfaction and safety when driving. If you are searching for the best single din touchscreen head unit, then this head unit must be your best choice.

• It is cost-effective
• Nice interface
• Adapts any car easily
• Fast and quality Bluetooth connection
• Technologically innovative
• Loaded with music apps with quality music streaming
• Easy to install
• Compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones
• High-quality sound

• Doesn’t have lots of variable colors

Let’s Check the Complete Buying Guide for Car Best Double Din Head Unit

When someone sits down in your car or truck, your head unit is one of the first things they see, and that’s a major, driving force behind cosmetic and aesthetic upgrades. On the other hand, your head unit also serves as the interface for your sound system, so usability is also an essential factor.

 If you don’t even know what a best car head unit is, it’s just a more specific way of referring to the component you may already know as a car radio or a car stereo. The head unit is located at the car audio system’s core, so it’s easy to see why this component needs to get upgraded. The head unit does not only dictate the functionality and, to an extent, the performance of your car audio system, it’s also the single most visible component.

The best double din headunit can help to make your car more user-friendly. This is the 21st century andtechnology has gone past fiddling around with small knobs and dials to change aradio station.

A double din head unit hasyou covered; it comes with a high degree of multi-functionality, including thecontrols, and use of several different tools and devices into one friendlyscreen. As more cars are produced with the space to handle a Double DINinstallation, more companies create several models, each with different prosand cons, some with more features, others with less – and of course availableat a diverse range of prices.

So there are differentDouble Din stereo units available right now. Generally speaking, there are alot of similar features across the whole range, but the more featuresincorporated in a model, the more the price creeps up.

We’ll bring to light someof those features and help you to decide which ones you do need and which youmay be able to live without. That’ll not only help you to select the rightmodel that does exactly what you need it to, but also find the right model inyour budget

We’ll also discuss why youshould consider upgrading your Double Din unit.

The term “Din”refers to the size and a single Din is the standard car radio size, so a DoubleDin is twice the size.

Regardless of the brand, orfeatures a Double Din is a standardized measurement so they all the sameexternal dimensions – 178mm by 100mm. knowing this is handy, as it makesinstalling and upgrading easier.  Yourcar will readily already accept an upgraded model if it has a Double Din unitbecause it’s the same size.

As far as different types,they generally follow the same design. That extra space that larger Double Dinoffers is always used to utilize a beautiful big touch screen. They play theradio and sync to cell phones as well to allow you to make phone calls. Theabsolute basic level of functionality that one can expect!

Considerations to Make When Choosing a Double Din Best Car Head Unit

As we have mentioned, thelist of features incorporated with each model will slightly vary. So this listis a very straightforward one that discusses all the features and premiumextras that everyone should consider.

So what should you consider to get the best double din head unit?

Power – To crank your music, you certainly need a stereo that can handle it. High power allows you to play loud music that does not distort and sounds great at low levels too. The power of the unit is measured in Watts; the higher the wattage, the more power is delivered, and the better the sound quality.

Some models provide peak Wattage, generally around 50 watts or thereabout; however, the RMS Wattage is the better way to judge power. This implies to the actual wattage delivered to the speaker units themselves and anything over 20RMS Watts is optimal.

Pre-Amp – Pre Amp outlets are the way the Stereo connects to upgraded speaker systems having their Amps. So if you have gone to the trouble of installing custom speakers you want a stereo unit that can take the best advantage of them.

Control – Regardless of how much power the stereo pumps out or how many apps it can download, if it is a pain to use it is not going to be a useful tool.

Firstly, the unit should offer a user-friendly and pleasurable experience. After all, the whole point of these larger than usual stereo installations is that they are easy to use – that’s why they have beautiful big, bright screens.

For safety purpose, a car stereo must be intuitive so that it does not distract your attention too much while driving. Remote control, touch screens, voice control, and syncing with steering wheel-mounted buttons are all helpful, and you’ll know which one suits you.

Connectivity – The best double din head unit can connect with other devices. At its heart, the stereo is just a basic radio with a big screen – most other features come from attaching external devices like cell phones and tablets. As the price goes down, so does the connectivity level. Eventually, you get to the point when all you can do is Bluetooth connect your cell phone to make calls. If that suits you, then maybe go for a budget model. If you wish your cell phone to be an integral part of the driving experience – including utilizing bespoke Apps – it could be worth investing a reasonable sum for better connectivity.

Looks – This refers to the screen display and the overall appearance of the unit. So, the screen first and that feature is one of the key selling points of the best double din head unit – so pick one with a beautiful big, bright screen and enjoy. Aside from that, the size of a Double Din implies that it can dominate the dashboard area of the car, and it is sure to appeal to passengers aboard. Again, choosing one with a beautiful screen will help make it look good but also consider the overall appearance, such as the frame and any buttons.

This product will probablycost you a fair sum, so make sure it looks good in your car!

How Sophisticated Do You Want to Get?

Advanced features on best double din head units provide more detailed displays to enhance control. And touch screen monitors are best as they take control and adjustments on the stereo much easier.

Better Sound Controls

With regards toadjustments, precision sound controls like parametric equalization and digitaltime correction are available on higher-end receivers for people who want toadjust the sound. But even lower-priced aftermarket stereos will provide moreaudio control than the familiar factory radio. That’s just one of the ways thebest double din head unit can improve your sound quality.

Cool Cosmetics

The best double din headunit can enhance the appearance of your car’s interior. With options likecustomizable color schemes, full-color animated displays, and touch screenmonitors which usually have selectable colors and backgrounds. For increasedlistening experience, you can look for a stereo with lighting that flashes tothe beat.


USB connections, Auxiliary inputs, and audio/video outputs allow you to expand your system by connecting portable music players, external amplifiers, rear-seat video screens, and powered subwoofers to your new stereo. Choose a new stereo equipped with either a USB input or Bluetooth capability to let you add your favorite listening source.

Benefits of Upgrading a Head Unit

Upgrading to the bestdouble din head unit is going to set you back some fortune, but it is worth it.

 It comes with several advantages, such as:

Media Streaming – Overtime radio has gotten obsolete. Media is no longer confined to the radio but is classified to different forms these days, and the best double din head unit will allow you to access all of them. CD, DVD, Radio, Bluetooth connection to an iPod with Ten thousand songs on it, all of that can help to make a journey – especially a long one – that little bit easier.

Safety – As we mentioned above, the size of a Double Din stereo – and its high capacity for connectivity to various devices – should make it an item that is both easy to use and that won’t distract your attention too much. Hands-free, voice-activated models allow you to interact with your stereo, make calls and look up navigation routes all while keeping your concentration on the road.

Superior Sound – the best double din head unit will make your favorite tracks rock, and a Double Din has the size to include the hardware, software and power outputs to ensure that.


The head unit of cars come with a high degree of multi-functionality, which translates to a more pleasurable driving experience. It is a visible component of your car and requires an upgrade for a more beautiful look and to provide you with maximum benefits such as media streaming, connectivity with your cell phone, and improved sound quality.

One of the most significant upgrades acar owner can make to their vehicle is adding in the Best Double Din Head Unit.For those of you who are not familiar with this part, it’s the stereo receiverthat’s located in the middle of your dash, although these units can do a lotmore nowadays than play music. Some of them are equipped with everything frominteractive displays to navigation systems.

Since these units aren’t cheap, it’sessential to find not only a quality model but one that has the features thatyou need. To help you along with your search, we’ve gathered together eight ofthe best Best Double Din Head Unit, along with a handy guide which will giveyou the tools you need to select a great model.

The first thing that you need to consider is whether your vehicle will accept a double din head unit. To find that out you can check the size of your car stereo. Single din head units are approximately 1-inch tall, while double din units are 2-inches tall. If you have a single din unit, then most likely you’ll have to replace it with a single din unit. Sure, there are some cases where a single din unit was installed into a space meant for use by a double din by using an adapter.

However, that’s only a small portion of the cases, so if your unit is single, then you’ll probably have to install a single unit into it.

If you have the Best Double Din HeadUnit, then you have a little bit of flexibility. You can replace it with theBest Double Din Head Unit, or you can install a single din model using anadapter bracket. If you do that, then you can add a graphic equalizer to themix. Know that there are plenty of double din head units that have a graphic equalizeror other features built into them.

Also, you can check whether or not thegroup has a removable faceplate. A movable plate deters theft of the unit andis a handy feature to have. Of course, some models, such as most models withdisplays, won’t have a faceplate that can be removed.

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