JL XD700/5 Car Amplifier Review

JL XD700/5 Car Amplifier 

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You must need a good amplifier for your car if you are music enthusiasts. Driving the car without listening to favourite songs, it such a boring time in our car… Right!!

However, car basic factory sound system is not actually enough for car audio lover. That’s why probably you are looking for a great, powerful amplifier for your vehicle.

JL Audio one of the reputable car audio product manufacturing brand in the market which providing quality car audio products for a long time. JL XD700/5 car amplifier is one of the powerful amplifiers in the current market. This amplifier is able to make you highly satisfy and give you the high value of your money by its high-quality performance.

Well, we describe below 5 important features of JL XD700/5 car amplifier.

Important Features

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NexD™ Switching Technology

It’s one of the important features of this amplifier. This technology feature we found in slash amplifiers. JL Audio has taken the simple fixed PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) design approach and enhanced it with a very high switching frequency. PWM design approach helps to provide consistent power to the modulator and reduce sound distortion prior. It increases the efficiency of the amp and provides you clean, powerful and reliable sound quality without distortion due to power supply fluctuation.

Advanced Roll Back Protection

It’s really such an annoying part when your amp shut down because of high temperature. Well..! You don’t need to annoy if you have JL 700/5 amp. Its Advanced Roll Back Protection eliminates the thermal shutdown to keep the music playing whatever the condition is under most demanding.

When amp gets in high temperature, a special circuit rolls back peak power output, without changing the gain, until the amplifier cools down to a safe operating temperature. In the meantime, the red “Thermal” led light begins to indicate the situation and it’s kept until the circuit restores full peak power output.

v2 Spec

XD and M- series amplifiers enhanced their features by added “v2” set of features which make these models more versatile than ever.

Detailed Information:

  • Automatic turn-on: This feature gives you the flexibility to turn on the amp by hitting “play” on your digital media player. If any audio sources such as iPhone or iPod want to turn on the amplifier, these features will detect the signal and turn on the amp. It gives you to turn on plus turn off features by detecting audio signal sensing from the amplifier’s inputs.

However, you can also turn on and off this amp by traditional +12V remote turn-on lead.

  • Dual-Range Differential-Balanced Input Section: Your amp input section could be connected to various audio sources. The input signal may be high level or low level. But it’s important that output should be perfect. JL amp is able to handle a wide range of input voltages level and give the output which provides you with high-quality sound.

HD-RLC remote level control

Remote level control gives you more flexibility to listen to the song when you driving. Through this feature can control amplifier level from the driver seat. However, JL amp doesn’t give this remote level controller with an amplifier, you have to buy it separately. You can buy it from here.

3-Way Protection Circuitry

It’s three-way protections are thermal protection which I describe at Advance Roll Back Protection, others are Speaker short Circuit Protection and Overload Protection.

Speaker short circuit protection: Sometimes, speaker of amp fail because of electric short which may damage the whole amp. JL amp has a feature that is if it happens its protection circuit will cut off the output signal and keep it until the problem has accurately solved.

Overload protection: Overload protection is a crucial part of any circuit, especially when the device is expensive. Obviously, you don’t like to lose your costly JL amp by electric short.

Well, don’t worry about that. JL amp has overload protection which keeps safe your amp from electric short and keeps your mind in peace.


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Thanks for reading this post. Hope you like this review of JL XD 700/5.

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