5 Best Cb Radios For Off-Roading with Complete Guide

When you go off-roading in your truck after all your mods have been added and it is tricked out with big wheels and tires, a higher suspension, and steel bumpers, it’s also essential to have a reliable means of staying in contact with other drivers.

A CB is essential safety equipment that every off-road truck or Jeep should have. While cell phones may work some of the time, CBs is more reliable in different settings and that is why the best Cb Radio For Off-Roading is listed below.

Whether you do hill climbing at popular trail ranges or enjoy driving in more remote areas, the Cb Radio or a CB is safety gear that should be near the top of your upgrades list when you add bigger tires, a more extensive suspension system, and bumpers such as specialty steel truck bumpers.

Top 5 Best Cb Radios For Off-Roading at a Glance

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Why Do You Need A CB Radio?

CB or Citizens Band radios are a method of wireless communication most known for their use by long-haul truckers. They’re great for long-distance communication, even in this day of wireless cell phones.

This is because you can’t get a wireless signal everywhere, especially when driving your off-roader in really remote, out-of-the-way places that happen to be some of the best places for off-roading.

With the Cb Radio onboard, you can stay in contact with your group even when driving in the backwoods away from cell towers. This is critical for safety reasons.

When Can A CB be Used?

How about when someone gets separated from the group, has an accident, and needs help getting their vehicle pulled out with a winch mounted on a steel bumper. You might also want to alert a driver on a shared trail that you are coming their way. These are some of the times when Cb Radio is your most reliable means of communication.

How Does A CB Radio Work?

Before you can benefit from a CB radio in your truck, you need to understand how the Cb Radio works. In a nutshell, a CB antenna captures radio frequencies that are converted into electrical signals that can be heard through the radio receiver and vice-versa.

It can do this anywhere within reach of radio towers, which are a lot more plentiful than cell towers, especially in more remote locations. There are different frequencies transmitted and received by various channels, each of which must be received by adjusting an antenna must be adjusted to the different rates. 

Features To Take Notice Of Before Buying A CB Radio

Squelch Control – Sets the breakpoint at which the signal is output by a CB radio. In effect, it prevents the operator from always listening statically and only activates the speaker when receiving a message. This is a normal function that is included with almost every sold CB radio.

RF Gain – Allows, the operator, to filter the sort of transmission received by the Cb Radio depending on the intensity of the signal. It’s useful to block out faint communications to eliminate background noise when you are talking with someone with a strong message. This is also beneficial when used to pull-in and better hear weak signals.

PA Capability – Allows a public address system to use the Cb Radio and microphone as a transmitter. This needs a PA horn that can be installed under the hood or on top of the car (generally not included).

Automatic Noise Limited (ANL) – Filters from the receiving signal static, motor noise, and other interference to enhance the sound quality of reception of the Cb Radio.

Weather Capabilities – With this function, the Best Cb Radio an access local NOAA radio stations for weather reports and updates in real-time.

Instant Channel 9 & 19 – The ability to jump quickly to two of the most popular channels: Channel 9 (emergency) and Channel 19 (road/truckers).

Nightwatch and Backlit Displays – Several more expensive designs include a backlit radio display for smooth nighttime operation. If the Cb Radio is used widely at night or in dark circumstances, this is an invaluable characteristic.

Channel Scanning – As a radio scanner, a CB channel scanner operates. It scans all the channels accessible in search of activity. It stops scanning when it finds people talking on a chain and allows you to listen in. This makes finding and tuning into conversations much simpler without having to flip through the channels manually at all times.

Review of 5 Best Cb Radios For Off-Roading

#1. Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB 40- Channel SSB CB Radio


Uniden BEARCAT 980SSBir?t=carmusiclabgp 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B007B5ZAES

The Uniden 980 CB Radio traits progressed in a contemporary design. The big digital S / RF / SWR meter allows you to take a look at your concentrations. The backlight screen can be adjusted, allowing you to brighten or dim when needed/wanted.

It is fitted with a noise-canceling microphone, and RF Gain the Bearcat 980 CB Radio improves the driver’s hearing and with whom they talk. The embedded SWR provides ideal matching of the antenna.

It also shows a backlight display of seven colors for straightforward viewing. This is one of the Best Cb Radio For Off-Roading as its bright screen makes settings simple to read and modify while keeping your focus on riding.


  • It has excellent receive like an old Uniden grant or cobra148gtl. Good single final radio.
  • Power is adjustable to a point, but honestly, as a stock radio, it’s fine as is.
  • Excellent as a base station, and works great in the mobile, ANL/NB.
  • Decent audio with stock mic.


  • The backlight is lacking in direct sunlight, even when set.

#2. Cobra 29 LX MAX Professional Cb Radio

Cobra 29 LX MAX  Professional Cb Radio

The Cobra 29 LX MAX provides a legal way for professional riders to interact securely and efficiently with Bluetooth Wireless Technology and improved smartphone features on their smartphone with the Patented CB Radio. The Bluetooth function enables drivers to have on-road phone discussions better because the CB radio synchronizes calls to your mobile phone.

Also, the microphone that cancels noise enables loud and clear calls to be heard, even over a noisy engine. Incoming audio is routed through the speaker of the radio, which makes it simple for the driver to listen to who is calling with audible caller identification.

The system offers a one-touch compliance protocol and gives the driver the capacity to remain focused on the highway by responding, putting, and terminating calls with one-touch operation. The Patented iRadar APP integration enables you to obtain and report Live Police, Speed Traps, Road Hazards, Red Light Camera intersections connected to a society of radar detectors and dashcam users that provide a way to do this.


  • This CB radio has a constant battery drain.
  • It has more features and built-in SWR to set in the antenna the weather station changed the screen color


  • Need to install a power shunt between it and the source to keep it from draining your battery, and self-destructing.

#3. Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio

Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radioir?t=carmusiclabgp 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00004VXNI

The Uniden Professional CB radio provides a complete 4 watts transmit energy with RF gain control and 40-Channel operation in a compact, robust CB radio building. It has an extra-long coiled cord front mount 4-pin electret microphone, S / RF LED meter, direct emergency channel 9, transmit indicator lights, Automatic Noise Limiter switch, Public Address switch, Volume control, Squelch control, and more.

Prevalent for use in industry, trade and off-road.

Due to its small size, it also fits readily in almost any car.

It enables you to connect to an optional internal speaker with its built-in External Speaker Jack, and you can use the Public Address feature to be heard outside your vehicle with an optional PA speaker.


  • Loud and clear when talking to other truckers.
  • Strong reception and transmission.
  • It comes at an affordable price and great for emergencies.

#4. Galaxy-DX-959 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio

Galaxy-DX-959 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radioir?t=carmusiclabgp 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00415KISO

Galaxy CB radios are built with characteristics that can be appreciated by a severe CB operator and readily mastered by a fresh user. The Cb Radio feature is set out in an easy-to-use driver-friendly format while maintaining your eyes focused on the highway ahead.

Each button or knob regulates its job, minimizing the need for various menus to view a screen or cycle. For more than 15 years, the DX-959 has been a solid performer. It’s at the top of our mobile CB line, and it’s full of great radio features.

This is the best radio for anyone who does not care about the menus or even looking down to operate it while driving.  The built-in SWR meter makes it easy to tune the antenna and monitor its tuning as time goes on.


  • Great receptor and transmission.
  • Works for everyone at all actions of life.


  • The blue display is too bright! Even turned down to minimum it is blinding at night. The glare in the cab is way too much.
  • The blue backlight on the meter makes it almost impossible to read.
  • The power supply for the EL face plate backlight emits a nasty 500hz whine. It’s loud enough to hear in the vehicle even at highway speeds and downright annoying/unacceptable when stopped or parked. It would be impossible to use this rig as a base station.

#5. Uniden PRO510XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio

Uniden PRO510XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio

Uniden’s Professional Series is extremely popular for Industrial, Commercial, and Off-Road use. It operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the FCC, and its S/RF meter and red-lit LED indicators to help you monitor activity at a glance.

Its built-in noise limiter and ANL switch and squelch control fine-tune performance and eliminate noise, and the front-positioned 4-pin microphone has an extra-long coiled cord for convenient use.

While communicating, flip on the ANL (automatic noise limiter) to help eliminate background noise, such as that from the car engine/etc. The squelch control also assists with removing noise.


  • Inexpensive communication.
  • Durable and works perfectly for the road.
  • Basic, simple, and bulletproof.


  • It works better with a power mic on a highway.

Complete Buying Guide for Best CB Radios For Off-Roading

Communication is essential for daily human living. People want to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones and receive valuable information regularly as well.

To enhance this, different communication devices have been invented throughout history, with some getting obsolete with time.

The CB radio is one device that has remained popular for over half a century. Even with the introduction of the internet, satellite radio, and smartphones, people from different parts of the world still make use of the CB radio.

So what is CB radio?

The CB (Citizens Band) Radio Service is a personal radio service individuals use to communicate.

It is also used for business purposes, and one is not restricted by age or requires a license to operate a CB radio. However, you need a certification from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) if you want to use a CB transmitter in a region where the FCC is regulating radio communications.

Between the 26.965 MHz and 27.405 MHz are 40 authorized channels for the CB service and you can catch them in SSB (Single Sideband) or AM mode. All the primary units have the AM mode, while the SSB feature can only be assessed on the top-end devices.

The SSB works at two levels: Lower Sideband, and Upper Sideband, and enables you to communicate with other SSB CB radios.

The Benefits of CB Radios

This device serves for various purposes. And below are some of the advantages.

Get Updates on the Go

By installing the device in your automobile, you quickly get travel, traffic, and weather updates on the go. They are also useful to warn you of any upcoming safety hazards or weather hence by following these updates; you can plan your trip and avoid the traffic jam on the highway.

Operate at Low Frequencies

The CB radio allows you to listen to voice messages and communicate with others in the narrow band. For instance, you can easily transmit a signal at 151 MHz that is impossible with other radio types.

For Urgent Situations

It is a handy medium of communication during emergencies. Lots of people prefer them because it does not require a license to operate. With a CB radio, you can coordinate a response, report during crises and disasters, and chat with other users during a drive on the road.

A Popular Hobby

 With the inexpensive nature of the CB radio, people can buy a unit and form a group to communicate, chat, and transmit their programs as a hobby. The data transmission is encrypted; hence, you don’t have to worry about other people overhearing your conversations.

Who Uses CB Radios and Why?

The CB radio device has long been a mainstay for truckers, but they are as well popular with RV owners, hobbyists, motorcyclists, and off-roaders. They are useful in keeping groups of individuals in contact during events, hence improving the event’s organization.

Cellphones barely work well in the mountains; therefore, the CB radios come handy during most trail rides. Also, some drivers still utilize CB radios to identify speed traps, even though radar detectors have mostly served for the same purpose.

 With your CB radio, you could get updated on road blockages ahead, real-time weather reports and severe weather warnings; and find an alternate route in a traffic jam. You could also get assistance for a medical emergency or mechanical breakdown.

The CB radio can help you stay awake during long solo trips, as it serves as your faithful companion that makes the journey less dull while the miles roll by.

CB Radios are used during emergencies and disasters and can save lives. Emergency responders, volunteer responders, Police, and much more use the CB radio to communicate when infrastructure is nonexistent or damaged.

Truckers also rely on the CB radio to communicate with scales and weigh stations. By calling on channel 9, they also know that they can always get help. And the CB radio can be useful for deliveries, coordinate pickups, and other concerns with clients.

Truckers generally use channel 19 for communicating general information when driving on the highway. Truckers at times use channel 17 for north-south travel and channel 19 for east-west travel.

The information shared by truckers on the highway can be beneficial to motorcyclists and RVers who themselves are subject to the same kinds of hazards faced by truckers. The foul language found on the CB radio turn off many RVers, especially if they are travelling with kids.

Generally, it is illegal to use obscene language on the CB; however, enforcement is lax.

Some use the squelch to filter out all but the strongest (presumably the closest) signals to try to cut down on the obscenities and noise, but it can still be hard for families.

Where CB radios get beneficial for RVers is making it able to call for help when they are out of cell phone service areas. Albeit some RVers prefer the big trailer parks, for some, the RV is best enjoyed by leaving the beaten track and out into the backwoods. If you get out there, a CB radio is your best medium to contact assistance if you need it.

A motorcycle CB is particularly useful for helping to coordinate large rides and get in touch with people heading for significant events like Sturgis or smaller local gatherings.

The CB radio is also helpful to hunters who usually get out where there is no cell phone service. It is an excellent contingency to have to enhance contacting emergency services, but it is also useful for communicating with your hunting colleagues.

It covers a broader range than the FRS and is less expensive than GMRS as well; what’s more, it doesn’t require a license. It is excellent in weak visibility areas with all parties are generally staying in the same valley; however, with users on the other side of a hill, it can be hard to communicate.

Fishers can utilize the CB radio to communicate with others when they move about on a river, or each of them has their favorite spot.

In the event of an emergency, the CB radio can be useful to hikers especially backpackers and solo hikers who get far from the main trails.

Types of CB Radios

The CB radio is grouped into four different classes, and here we get to learn about each one of them.

Mobile CB Radio

This is the most common, and it comes in various sizes. The mobile CB radio is designed like a small box with a microphone and plenty of knobs attached to the front. The models and brands have unique features so you are recommended to choose the one that will meet your requirements.

The mobile, as well as the all-in-handset units, are the most regular choices used in vehicles.

All-in-Handset CB Radio

This piece is handset-shaped, compact, and ergonomically designed with all the controls featured in a small space.

The all-in-Handset CB Radio is user-friendly, and with just one hand, you can control all the dials.

They are the most suitable choices for smaller vehicles or places where it will be challenging to mount a full-size unit.

Handheld CB Radio

They are similar to walkie-talkies, and they run on batteries. Some models have rechargeable battery packs so you can make use of them when you’re mobile. You can as well make use of them in vehicles since most of the units are equipped with a cigarette cord and jacks for an adapter and a CB antenna.

Base Station CB Radio

The base station CB radio has a built-in power supply and is the best choice for indoor use. The units are powered directly from a wall outlet (usually 110V).  A good base antenna is required to mount it up very high to get the maximum performance.

Features of High-Quality Best CB Radios

All the CB radio models operate at the same 4-watt of power apart from the SSB models that can transmit at 12-watts of power. So, the models are varied from the other by their sizes and feature sets.

Technical Specifications

With regards to CB radios, size matters. However, this is because big units are generally full-featured; hence, they have better transmitters and receivers. They typically work better than the smaller models.

The units usually have a public address (PA) function which helps to switch from the internal speaker to an external PA horn with a jack connecting it to the radio. Then over the horn in the PA mode, you can transmit the broadcast.

The external speaker is another feature that every high-quality CB radio ought to have. It lets you have better reception with clear sound at a low volume. If activated, the built-in speaker will be disabled.

 When buying the CB radio, the presence of an LCD screen is another vital factor to be considered. The LCD screen displays data about free channels that you can use for transmitting the voice signals. It should also have an option that allows the user to choose the information that they wish the screen to hide or show.

Quality of the Sound

The CB radios are not equipped for long-range communication because all the models perform at a 4-watt limit. So, the sound quality should be an essential criterion for choosing a model.

The best quality CB radio should have a couple of features that help it to produce better sound than the primary units. The Filter options obscure static and engine noises and improve communication by impeding interference from the reception signal. The Squelch Control- a standard feature that activates the speaker only when it receives a transmission saves users from hearing the irritating background noise.

Another feature that helps to boost the quality of the sound is the RG Gain. It can filter the signals receptions based on their strengths and eliminates the weak transmissions to improve clarity for the stronger signals.

The position and type of the antenna also play a significant role in the clarity and quality of the audio. If it does not added with the device, you can buy one separately. You can achieve a better result by mounting the antenna up a higher position and clearing off surrounding obstructions.

Additional Features

High-quality CB radios are equipped with several properties. Such as weather channels that provide weather alerts right on the go, switches for immediate access to two channels – Channel 9 (for emergencies) and Channel 19 (for highway/truckers).

The Channel Scanning scans all the available stations and stops after finding an active one. It is a good option for finding and tuning channels smoothly without requiring you to flip through the stations manually.

A Talkback is an excellent option to listen to your won broadcast through the built-in speaker. It comes handy if you want to set the microphone volume at the right level and adjust the Mic Gain.

Buying Factors of a CB Radio

PA Capability

CB radio is designed to enable two-way communication. That is, you are either talking or listening through your CB Radio on a specific channel. Such communication often requires a device with a small built-in speaker and mic. A built-in PA capability is essential in such instances like where you want to amplify your voice to talk to an audience or emergency rescue situations where you are either calling for help, or you are trying to locate someone that needs help.

Built-in SWR Meter

It can be challenging to tune your CB radio before you have a chance to use it. Improper tuning can lead to a weak broadcasting signal or damage your CB radio at worse. The tuning process can take a lot of time and needs an SWR meter. Some CB models will require you to buy a separate SWR meter.

You can, however, avoid this extra cost by buying a CB with a built-in SWR meter. In addition to cost-saving, a built-in SWR meter reduces set up time. With an external meter, you will need to connect it to the CB radio and antenna, which could be time-consuming. A built-in meter also lets you get your SWR readings any time the CB radio is functional.

Clarity and Ease of use

One of the challenges that the CB radios have faced for many years was the production of static. This significantly impeded the clarity of sound signals reception. New CB radio models have tackled this problem by introducing several features. Two features which affect clarity are RF gain and squelch control.

When choosing a CB radio, ease of use is yet another consideration to make. You must look at features such as the controls and where they are placed within the unit, the size and ability to connect with external accessories, for example, PA systems.

Noise Reduction

Noise from the background can make communicating using a CB radio difficult or even impossible. However, modern CBs are including built-in noise-reducing features that filter background noise. Such feature includes the Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) which filters background noise such as engine noise and traffic, improving sound quality. This way, you hear clearly, and your receiver hears you well. The squelch control and RF gain also help to filter noises such as static and low sound output brought about by weak signal.

Multi-channel Communication

A standard CB radio provides 40 different channels, including weather channels and emergency. The hobbyist CB user usually finds these enough while professionals may need extra channels which let them communicate within small groups. A multichannel CB comes in handy in this regards.

It will offer the standard 40 CB channels with additional programmable channels. The programmable channels simplify communicating as a small group without getting interfered from unwanted users. You can also utilize your CB radio to transmit over the other 40 channels designated for the 11-meter band.

Weight, Size, and Appearance

Modern CB radios are designed to be installed on a vehicle or handheld. The size, therefore, is one of the crucial considerations to make before purchasing one. Smaller CB radios are generally better compared to large units; this is because large units consume a lot of space and are often challenging to install. The same also applies to weight where lighter units are more portable and more comfortable to install.

The CB radio design is also worth considering before purchasing. It is recommended that you consider features such as easily accessible controls, a large backlit display, and buttons as well as strategically placed ports and jacks and before purchasing.


A CB radio is a useful communication device you can invest in today. CB radios are affordable, cheaper to operate and maintain compared to modern devices such as smartphones. They work great in areas with little or no mobile network coverage.

All the CB radio models vary from the other by their sizes and feature sets, so it is best you choose the one that fits your need.

Buying a new CB radio is not a straightforward process as you have to consider factors beyond price.

However, It is essential to realize that the Best Cb Radio For Off-Roading transmits as needed by law with the same 4 watts of energy. The main distinction between CBs is, therefore, their size and set of features, not the power they put out or how far they can speak.

So make your choice based on the features you want or need and don’t worry about the scope of radio.

The only exception is SSB-equipped radios that transmit at 12 watts of energy instead of 4 watts and can provide you with more conveyor range legally.

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