Single din Vs Double din Stereo | What Are the Differences?

When buying a sound system for your vehicle, there are many aspects to take into account. That’s why we want you to know the 1 DIN and 2 DIN car radios from Radio GPS. The question of whether some are better than others is usual. And here we will answer that and other issues.

The Two Sizes Of Car Radios

Surely you have heard name the radios of 1 and 2 DIN. They may tell you that you need one or the other because it is what your car currently has and replacing it will be much easier if you choose one of the same sizes.

It is straightforward to decide which one you need. If your car has a single DIN unit that means that the front is about 180 x 50 millimeters, on the other hand, if you have one of two, it will be the same width but twice as tall, that is 180 x 100 millimeters. These are standard measures.

You don’t always need a double-DIN radio, although your car comes with one of these you can replace it with a simple one. On the other hand, if the vehicle comes with one of a DIN, it will be almost impossible to change it for a double, for space.

How Are the Car Radios 1 DIN and 2 DIN?


DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung, which is the German Standardization Institution that created the standard for head units used in cars today.

DIN 75490 standard specifies the dimensions for the central unit of the car when viewed from the front; it must be the size we mentioned before 180 x 50 mm.

The ISO (International Standards Organization) adopted this DIN as ISO 7736, which is used by car manufacturers around the world. They are still called DIN radios because it was this German institute that invented the original standard.

You will think that only two measures have been taken, not to mention the depth. And, although it is an essential factor neither DIN nor ISO specify it. Nor do they suggest depth ranges for the central units of cars. That means that some equipment will not look good on certain vehicles.

Some modern central units are the right size for contemporary cars. But there are always exceptions. That is why it is a good idea to check the dimensions of the radio and the specifications of the vehicle before making the purchase — either one or two DIN.

We already mentioned the size of a single DIN of 180 x 50 mm. There is also the option of 1.5 DIN, which is halfway between that of 1 and 2 DIN. These units are 75 millimeters tall. And the 2 DINs that are 180×100 mm.

he models of 1 DIN & 2 DIN. The 2-DIN models offer more features, like the ability to view the entire playlist, use selected phone apps on the stereo, and camera option, etc. 2 DIN stereo is full of the fun package with ultra-modern features. It makes your car smarter than 1 DIN stereo.

How To Know What Kind Of DIN My Car Has?

To find out if your car has a radius of 1 DIN, the easiest is to measure it. The great advantage of the 1 DIN ones is that they are cheaper because they have fewer features; For example, they have no touch screen.

The problem of not being able to go from 1 DIN to 2 Din has a solution. Some radios incorporate screens that come out of this and offer all the advantages of 2 DIN radios.

To know if you need a 2 DIN radio you have to measure the front of the car console, precisely the space for the radio.

You can choose from 1 or 2 DINs depending on this measure. Above we mention the millimeters of each one.

Double-Din Stereo

A double-DIN radio is a type of radio used in cars and trucks. Double-DIN refers not to the radio’s features or machinery, but its size.

A traditional DIN radius is 2 inches tall by 7 inches wide. This is the universal measure of car radios, which fits almost every model. A double-DIN radio measures 4 inches high by 7 inches wide, allowing you to have a larger screen with better graphics.

When installed at the factory, double DIN radios offer navigation screens, more buttons or merely a storage space that occupies the extra 2 inches of space.

If you are going to buy a radio, a car with space for a double-DIN allows you to purchase one with a larger screen and integrated navigation. These options will make a double-DIN radio cost more money than one of a DIN.

Difference Between Single Din And Double Din


A dual DIN device has more characteristics than its single DIN counterpart, and its bigger size is the primary reason. This typically involves a bigger touchscreen which makes the device simpler to use, but there are still very functional single DIN units. Other features include:

·        More storage space

·        Easier controls

·        DVD player – with digital display

·        HD video screen

·        Advanced connectivity


This is the main difference between these two head units. A double DIN unit comes with a variety of smart options such as a camera option and integration with smartphones, and this means it offers a better user experience. It’s important to note that even though double DIN units are more advanced in terms of the type of features they offer, single DIN units are still practical and some models have a nice assortment of features. If you want to determine which one is better between a single and double unit, start by measuring the face place of your current unit.

Remember, if it’s as single-DIN headset you can only upgrade to a similar unit – but with a double DIN you may be able to switch things up a bit.

Are The Radios of 2 DIN Better Than Those of 1 DIN?

There isn’t one better than another. Choosing a suitable GPS radio will depend on the size and your preferences.

It is important to note that the radios of 1 DIN, generally, can only be replaced by others of 1 DIN. Instead, you will have more options if you have one of two DINs because you can replace it with one of the same size, but also with another one of a DIN with the appropriate mask.

If you decide to go from 2 to 1 DIN, you can install them with an additional component. Some installation kits include these devices.

You don’t have to worry about replacing a 2 DIN one with a 1 DIN one with quality issues. One is not necessarily better than the other, although they have more internal spaces for components such as amplifiers.

Final Words

If you are thinking to buy a single-DIN or double-DIN car stereo; you should not only consider the brand names. Also, you should also keep in mind the features, technical characteristics such as sound quality, mp3 formats, control, compatibilities, etc. There have several factors that you must consider before buying the best quality stereo including single DIN or double DIN. If you are thinking to buy the best double din head unit, just see my other article BEST CAR HEADUNIT. It’s covered with ultimate buying guidelines and reviews of 8 best double din head unit.