Single din Vs Double din Stereo | What Are the Differences?
Single din Vs Double din Stereo | What Are the Differences?

Single din Vs Double din Stereo | What Are the Differences?

When we are going to upgrade our car stereo system, we face a fact that is “Car stereo DIN,” unless we don’t know about that before.

Simply, the differences between car stereo are 1 DIN & 2 DIN stereo.

So, what does mean DIN? What is it?

DIN is the standard measurement space size for car stereo at vehicle faceplate.

In order to understand what kind of device can be mounted on the vehicles; automakers used these values.

Moreover, DIN indicates the total range of stereo. The range of 2 DIN is 7 x 4 inches (180 x 100mm) which is much larger than 1 DIN.

However, if you think that 2 DIN head unit always contains a video screen, then you are wrong. It does not always come with a video screen; instead, there have some of the head units in the market which come with a cassette player with 2 DIN size.

The modern model of the head unit provides lot’s convenient features. Touchscreen display of 2 DIN car radio makes more visible control and easier to use. The phone integration system provides you some of the great features such as you can make the call and receive calls from the stereo and also you can listen to the songs from your mobile phone by the stereo. This mobile phone integration system of modern stereo make your driving safer. Also, you can charge your phone; control your phone apps from a stereo screen, managing your iPod playlist from the stereo screen and much more.

Differences Between 2 Din And 1 Din

We already gave you the primary difference between 1 DIN and 2 DIN. Still, there have several differences between them.

The simple difference between them is 2 DIN is larger than 1 DIN. However, if you think that 1 DIN is smaller, that’s why it doesn’t have good features and not so functional then, you are not completely true.

It’s true that 1 DIN has not many features as like 2 DIN, but still, it’s functional and has useful quality features.

One of the major features of the 2-DIN head unit is the presence of a large touch screen which makes car stereo more comfortable to use.

As for the power, the thing that matters for most music lovers, this is not directly related to the car type but depends on the respective speakers.

Usability is the major difference between the models of 1 DIN & 2 DIN. The 2-DIN models offer more features, like the ability to view the entire playlist, use selected phone apps on the stereo, and camera option, etc. 2 DIN stereo is full of the fun package with ultra-modern features. It makes your car smarter than 1 DIN stereo.

Replacing Car Stereo

Thinking about to replace your car head unit?

Well, if your car head unit is single DIN then you just replace it with another single DIN head unit.

But, if your car head unit is double DIN, then you have more options. In this case, you can replace your double DIN head unit to another double-DIN head unit if you want. Furthermore, you can also replace it with a single DIN head unit, instead of a double DIN head unit. Though you will have some additional space in-car dash after installing a single DIN head unit in the double-DIN dash. You can install Graphis equalizer in this additional space.

How can get touchscreen facilities in a single din stereo?

Yes, you can install it, but actually, double DIN touchscreen head unit. There have many car head unit in the market which attaches with an additional touchscreen display with a single DIN head unit. You can control stereo by touchscreen and more based on the features they offer.

Final Words

However, if you are planning to buy a single-DIN or double-DIN car stereo; you should not only focus on the brand name. Also, you should also focus on features, technical characteristics such as sound quality, mp3 formats, control, compatibilities, etc.  There have several factors that you must consider before buying the best quality stereo including single DIN or double DIN. If you are thinking to buy any one type of stereo, just see my other article BEST CAR HEADUNIT. It’s covered with ultimate buying guidelines and reviews of 10 best head units including SINGLE DIN HEADUNIT and DOUBLE DIN HEADUNIT.

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