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If you’re looking for a reliable device to enjoy your favourite music tracks while driving or keeping up to date with the latest news, then the car stereo is the best accessory.


today there are many models all different from each other, and finding the right car stereo is not easy.

To assist you in your research,

we have taken the time to analyze several devices, including the Bluetooth Pioneer MVH-S501BS Digital Media Receiver that should hold your attention because it is incredibly practical while being extremely powerful.

Pioneer MVH-S501BS Bluetooth Car Stereo System

In this article, we will share our opinion on the Pioneer MVH-S501BS so that you Pioneer MVH-S501BS Reviewknow exactly what to expect if you opt for it. From its ease of use to its features and its overall quality, we will tell you everything about it, and in a completely transparent way.

Thus, in a few moments, you will have in your possession all the necessary elements to be able to make your decision of purchase without risking to be disappointed at any moment whatsoever.

Features of the Pioneer MVH-S501BS Car Stereo

As with the purchase of other products in the market today, the elements of a product will mainly set it aside from its competitors. These characteristics can range from its material which it is built upon to functionalities which it boasts of. We’ve put together some attributes of the Pioneer MVH-S501BS Digital Media Receiver.


The Pioneer MVH-S501BS Bluetooth is a sublime device that is trendy and elegant at the same time. Thanks to its very balanced mixture of black and red, it will highlight the interior of your car in the most beautiful way.

What also allows it to stand out is the fact that the brand has opted for geometric lines very marked, which has the advantage of offering a sporty side that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Pioneer has always accustomed us to trendy and sophisticated car equipment, but in this case, it must be recognized, it has once again demonstrated all its know-how.


Like their previous car radios, the body of this model is made from cast steel, making it perfectly resistant. But also and above all, it does not fear oxidation, which guarantees you to keep it as new for an infinite number of years.

The front façade is designed in a plastic polymer, a material often used in this category because it is thin and durable at a time. In short, this device has everything good regarding its overall quality which is one of the best of the moment.


Before you can fully enjoy your Pioneer MVH-S501BS Digital Media Receiver, you will, of course, have to install it. This step is not complicated, especially since the instructions for use are precise about it.

Once this task is complete,

you can then turn on your equipment and realize that it is incredibly ergonomic. The slightest detail has been designed so that you know exactly how to control the whole, even if you are not used to this type of product at all.

To read your music, you will have the choice between connecting a USB stick or a smartphone for example via the Aux, but the most exciting feature relates to Bluetooth.


You will be able to pair a playback device via the Bluetooth offered by this car stereo Pioneer. This will only take a few seconds, and you will not experience any loss of connection. You can even make your calls or hang up your smartphone without having to touch it since the car radio offers all these features.


You can directly plug your iPod or iPhone into this device USB port and then select your music via the receiver. This device would equally charge your iPhone battery as you’re playing music with it. For iPhone devices compatible with Siri® Eyes, you can similarly access various functions with a voice command.

Excellent with Android:

Android users aren’t left out this time; they can either plug their plug into this receivers front panel or connect it through Bluetooth. This device supports the much updated Android Open Accessory which ensures you can stream your music from your Android smartphone via USB port.

Other Technical Characteristics of the Pioneer MVH-S501BS

Pioneer MVH-S501BS Review
  • Connectivity: USB, AUX, Bluetooth.
  • Accepted audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV.
  • Additional features: Bluetooth.
  • Audio support: 4 x 50 watts.
  • Pandora support.
  • Spotify support.
  • The detachable face but still with a single-line display.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • The perfect overall quality and very contemporary look.
  • Many different settings for a personalized experience.
  • Connection via Bluetooth extremely convenient.
  • iPhone friendly
  • Android friendly


  • Installation on old vehicles that can be complicated.
  • Doesn’t play CDs

Final Words

As a whole, the Bluetooth Pioneer MVH-S501BS is an excellent device that is likely to satisfy you fully. Elegant and easy to use while being incredibly practical, it will allow you to live particularly comfortable car journeys.

Finally, despite all these qualities, this model is nonetheless offered at an exciting price. In short, if you are looking for one of the best car radios of the moment, then the Pioneer MVH-S501BS is the equipment you need

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