Pioneer AVH 201EX Review. Best 6.2″ Multimedia DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

Pioneer AVH 201EX Reviewir?t=carmusiclabgp 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B077MSD8N1The Pioneer AVH 201EX is introduced to boost in-vehicle entertainment as well as improve connectivity with smartphones. Enjoy features such as in-built Bluetooth for audio streaming and hands-free calling, audio/ video playback from DVD and USB sources. Safety features like back up camera ready and so 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B077J5JN6G

Hands-Free Calling and Audio Streaming

With built-in Bluetooth (HFP), you obey local hands-free laws and stay safe. By pairing a Bluetooth enabled the phone to the Pioneer AVH 201EX boycotting complicated settings, the auto connection function automatically pairs the two units when a Bluetooth enabled device is close to the receiver.

From wireless audio streaming (A2DP) with the album, artist, and simple pairing, song search, and control audio (AVRCP), hands-free calling, Bluetooth wireless invention has made life in the vehicle more fun. The Pioneer AVH 201EX with Bluetooth also provides call quality reception with the new Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6. It almost doubles the bandwidth of the frequency, bringing call quality just like FM reception.

It also features the ability to browse music libraries on smartphones wirelessly.

Android Music Support

Android device users that run version 4.0 or newer can connect and listen to a song stored on their phones to the Pioneer AVH 201EX without needing an app. This is made possible using the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). It allows the receiver to see the Android device as a music storage device.

Using USB, users can now access music stored on Android smartphones and run operations like Play, FF, REW, Pause, Repeat, and Random Play, displaying metadata information like album name, track, and artist.

USB Direct Control for iPhone

The Pioneer AVH 201EX works with direct connectivity to your iPhone or iPod for music through a USB interface cable (sold separately) based on your iOS device. Album, song, artist, time information are displayed nicely on the 6.2″ touchscreen.

The system’s wired USB connection offers direct digital signal transfer from the device for a bright and clean sound, providing 1 amp of current to keep your iPod or iPhone charged.

Back-up Camera Ready

Back-up camera input allows you to add a reverse (rear-facing) camera that can help with rear towing, parking or visibility.

Customize Your Colors

You can choose among the five colors (blue/red/amber/green/violet) for the display and 112 various colors to match unit lightning to your vehicle’s interior illumination. Also, select from several background images to go with your mood.

Touchscreen & Remote Control

Clear Resistive Touchscreen: The Pioneer AVH 201EX features a 6.2″ clear resistive LCD touchscreen with a display resolution of 800 x 480 (RGB), totalling 1,152,000 pixels. The clear resistive touchscreen is made to enhance the visibility of on-screen images and graphics, making them appear crisp and clear.

The LCD touchscreen lets you control this unit and a connected component, such as an iPhone or iPod, a USB mass storage class device, or Bluetooth source. Menus show on the screen for making audio adjustments, settings, and function choices.

Favourite Menu: You can save the desired menu items on the Pioneer AVH-201EX’s “Favorites” menu screen. Keeping your favourite menu items lets you jump to the saved menu item by a mere touch on the favorites menu. Up to 12 menu items can be saved as a “Favorite.”

Background (Wallpaper): You can choose between a variety of wallpaper images for the AV operation and Menu screen. You can also make adjustments the colour of the on-screen display; select between amber, green, blue, white or red.

Picture Adjustments: You can save numerous video settings for the head unit’s video sources and rear-view camera; including brightness, contrast, colour, hue, and Dimmer adjustments.

Widescreen Modes: You can select from the listed widescreen modes when playing back video – Full, Zoom, Normal, and Trimming.

Front-Panel Control w/ Custom Illumination: Along the left edge of the screen, the unit includes frequently used buttons. The color of the button lighting can be set to the rainbow, amber, green, blue, white, or red. You can as well create a custom color to suit your vehicle’s interior illumination (112 colors to select from).

Dimmer: To avoid the button illumination and touchscreen display from being too bright at night, the lighting is automatically dimmed whenever the vehicle’s headlights switched turned on. This function only works when the white/orange illumination wire in the wiring harness is connected to the vehicle’s headlight circuit. You can also turn on/off the dimmer manually or even set a timer for the dimmer to turn on/off.

Remote Functions: The Pioneer AVH 201EX DVD receiver has a wireless remote control and provides steering wheel control capability (adapter required).

Wireless Remote Control: The Pioneer AVH 201EX also has a wireless IR remote control (CXE5116) to operate the DVD receiver and your connected devices. The included remote offers Bluetooth phone functions.

Steering Wheel Remote Compatibility: The head unit has an OEM steering wheel remote control input on the rear of the unit that enables you to keep your car’s factory radio steering wheel remote controls when used with an alternative steering wheel audio control adapter (sold separately).

AV Connections

AV Input: The head unit includes a rear-panel 3.5mm minijack AV input to connect an external video or audio device. Your car’s parking brake must be engaged to view the video on the receiver’s touchscreen.

Video Output: A solitary RCA composite video-output jack lets you add external monitors, such as rear headrest or overhead monitor (sold separately). The video output can display a USB, DVD, or AV-input video signal when its chosen as the receiver’s source, whether the car’s parking brake is engaged or not.

Rear-view Camera: The Pioneer AVH 201EX includes a composite video rear-view camera input to add an optional backup camera (130NDBC8, sold separately).

Auto View: The screen automatically switches to the rearview camera (for automatic video switching, white/violet wire of the harness must be connected to the vehicle’s reverse lamp circuit) When the vehicle’s transmission is in reverse. Automatic video switching takes about 1.2 seconds.

Camera View: The Pioneer AVH 201EX also has a Camera View mode which lets you to manually bring up the rear-view camera image on the receiver’s touchscreen monitor to see your rear-view while driving. If you want to see the rear-view image at all times, for instance when towing a trailer; you can leave the Camera View mode on.

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