5 Best Double Din Head Units| Reviews & Buying Guide
5 Best Double Din Head Units| Reviews & Buying Guide

5 Best Double Din Head Units| Reviews & Buying Guide

Yes, we can’t say that your car is equipped with modern features if it doesn’t have the best double din head unit.

A best double head unit provides many modern cars features such camera, touchscreen monitor, Bluetooth, playing video songs, etc. In addition, if you are a car audio enthusiast then you should install double din head unit in your car because it will give you the optimum fun of car audio.

Now, you may ask what are the best double din head unit in the market today?

Look, there are many double din car head units in the market. It will be not easy for you to buy the best one among all of them without any instructions or buying guidelines.

Well, this post we made for you and you are in the right place. Here, we covered it’s with detail reviews of 5 best double din head units with ultimate buying guidelines. We did hours of research and study to give you the Best 5 double din car stereo.

5 Best Double Din Head Units

Name Screen Size GPS Rear Camera Price
1. Jensen VX7020 6.2" Yes Yes
2. Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 6.95" Compatible Yes
3. BOSS Audio BV9364B 6.2" No Compatible
4. Pioneer FH – X731BT No No No
5. Kenwood DDX374BT 6.2" No Compatible

Jensen VX7020 – Best Double Din Head Unit

Our first pick up is Jensen VX7020 double din head unit which comes with plenty of great features with amazing price. The features it has to provide, it usually available in highly priced car stereo but Jensen it provides within in much affordable price.

Jensen VX7020 comes with 6.2″ TFT LCD touch screen with excellent resolution, Maps of United States plus millions of points of interest, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, Built in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control, full function remote and much more.

It’s a great responsive touchscreen and friendly navigation makes it really easy to use. It has classic MOSFET pioneer’s amplifier which helps to makes the high quality and fantastic sound. Bluetooth pair easily and works flawlessly.

If you want modern technology in your car then don’t look further, this stereo will be a better option for you. Because it will be hard to find another head unit which can beat this head unit by its features, quality, and performance.


  • Fantastic sound
  • Great picture quality
  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Ease of use
  • Loads of features
  • Much lower price than the similar product
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Nothing so far

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Pioneer AVHX5800BHS – Best Double Din Head Unit

Pioneer AVHX5800BHS is another piece of this company. This head unit defiantly will please you by its great sound, easy operating and all over the performance.

In order to make your car audio experience more enjoyable, it has come 6.95” motorized touchscreen with tons of features. It has Pandora and Spotify music option with iPhone and Android control, multi-color illumination with MIXTRAX audio and visual effects, Siri Eyes Free compatible with iPhone, built-in HD Radio tuner and much more.

However, Pioneer AVHX5800BHS is really easy to install and very convenient to operate. Large touchscreen display, illumination color and perfect place of the button make it really easy to use.

The sound quality of it is really great and the EQ is very easy to use. Moreover, its sound quality was able to impress you while you will use Spotify. Besides its hand, free phone quality is also good.

On the other hand, if we talk about design and looks then we have to say that Pioneer design it perfectly, it looks beautiful and fantastic.

Many people are using it and they become truly satisfied. A lot of connections, features, design and overall performance makes it worth buying. If you are thinking about a head unit with all of the modern features, then you don’t need to go further this head unit is the best option for you.


  • Tons of features
  • Easy Install
  • Equalizer is easy to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Large display screen
  • Clear sound quality while the phone
  • Looks beautiful
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Nothing so far

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BOSS Audio BV9364B – Best Double Din Head Unit

Well, if you are searching cheap double din head unit with lots of features then BOSS Audio BV9364B will be a good option for you. It has come with tons of features within an affordable price.

BOSS Audio has good popularity in the car audio world for making car audio products within affordable price with lots of features. Whatever they make for car audio it will be cheap and affordable. For these reasons, the got popularity among the people who love car audio.

However, BOSS Audio BV9364B double din head unit is one of the great product of this company. It’s a pretty decent product for the budget which offers great sound, beautiful design, and features that you must need if you want a smart car.

BOSS Audio BV9364B head unit is very easy to install and operate. By the way, the touch screen of the head unit is not much responsive otherwise everything is great and the value its provide is fantastic. It’s the best bang for the cost.


  • Affordable
  • Easy install
  • Easy to use
  • Sound great
  • Looks cool
  • Pretty decent camera
  • 1-year warranty


  • The touch screen is not much responsive

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Pioneer FH – X731BT – Best Double Din Head Unit

Pioneer is one of the reliable brand names in the car audio world also for best double din head unit. They have achieved a good reputation and popularity by making quality car audio products for a long time, especially their best double din head units. They had made many car audio head units till yet. And money of head units become successful and created satisfaction to users by its performance, quality, and durability. However, Pioneer FH – X731BT is one of the great car stereos of this company. Though it doesn’t have touch screen color monitor, it would be a great choice for you if you are searching quality and durability without lots of investment.

Pioneer FH – X731BT comes with features that you really need. It has all connectivity including USB, Bluetooth, and Spotify for listening to the song from various resources. Its strong Bluetooth connectivity has the ability to connect within 10 sec or sometimes sooner. However, we have seen many head units which are good in everything but their downside is brightness, people can’t see easily during the daylight. So that it becomes hard to operate. But the good thing is Pioneer FH – X731BT doesn’t have this problem. It has separate color customizations for the screen and keys which make convenient to use it even in bright sunlight.

Looks and sound quality are great as well. The quality mic of its ensures the better hands-free calling experience.


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Easy Install
  • Awful Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Separate color customization for screen & keys
  • Clear Mic
  • Various Connectivity option
  • Spotify Music


  • Nothing so far

Pioneer FH – X731BT is a fantastic value of money. It’s the best bang for the buck.

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Kenwood DDX374BT – Best Double Din Head Unit

Kenwood is one of the best consumer audio electronics manufacturer in the industry. The has founded in 1946 in Japan. They become very popular in consumers and industry professionals for providing products which are best in quality, performance, and reliability. They offer wide range car audio products such as car stereo receivers, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and more.

Kenwood DDX374BT is one of the excellent best double din head units of this brand. This head unit is perfect for factory replacement which will bring your factory speaker alive by its fantastic performance. Kenwood always gives importance to the design of their head unit and there is no difference in Kenwood DDX374BT. They also design it beautifully and it looks amazing.

Kenwood DDX374BT is simple to install and really clear and user-friendly. However, if you raise the question about sound quality then we have to say that it’s excellent sound quality is one of the reasons why it’s on our list. You can get exact sound quality what actually you are looking for by its tons of setting option. It’s incredible EQ will make you impressed by its performance.

Moreover, the 6.2” LCD touchscreen display is very clear and its efficient touch control makes it convenient to use.

Kenwood DDX374BT is a great double din head unit at a decent price. It is really worth it.


  • Great picture quality
  • Easy to install and use
  • Tons of setting for expected sound quality
  • Excellent sound
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Nothing so far

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What Should You Look For When Choosing a double din headunit?

Head unit is the brain of your car audio system. We control our car sound system through this machine. Head unit determines how smart is your car, even how attractive is your car interior. In order to make your car journey enjoyable and convenient, a great head unit is crucial.

There are many head units in the market including the bad and great head unit. Obviously, you will want to buy the car stereo which one of the best in the market. But how you will know that which is best for you? How will you evaluate the head units to get the best one?

Well, we are giving below some factors or things that you should look when you will buy a head unit for your car. These factors or things are Audio sources of head unit, Apps and smartphone integration, HD radio & Satellite radio, GPS and Navigation, Compatibilities, and Controls.

Audio Sources

Audio sources are one of the major factors that you must consider when buying a car stereo. Probably are not going to the listening song from disc media or you still like it. On the based on you need and priority you should have looked at the head units which are compatible with your desire audio sources. You might be love to listen to the song by your phone with Bluetooth connection to the head unit, love to tune satellite radio or HD radio broadcasts.

Well, you may ask a question that is what are the very least audio sources that we should look into a head unit?

The answer is to make sure the car receiver you’re buying at the very least has a USB port for MP3, AAC, or WMA playback from flash storage devices and a 3.5mm analog auxiliary input for universal connectivity.

Apps and Smartphone Integration

Nowadays, the smartphone becomes an inalienable part of your life. Every day we do many things with this device. Probably you are reading this post on your phone. Our dependency on the smartphone is increasing day by day, because of various new facilities.

If you don’t buy a car head unit with Bluetooth connectivity feature, then it will be a damn bad decision of you. You cannot connect your phone to the headunit without Bluetooth connectivity. Smartphone integration with head unit makes our driving more convenient, safe and legal. You can’t receive the phone call while driving it’s illegal in most of the states. But you can do it if your head unit has a smartphone integration system. Smartphone integration system provides hands-free call making and receiving features. You don’t need to touch your phone to make and receive the call, you can do it through your car head unit.

However, you may have stored most of the favorite songs and many music tracks on your phone that you want to play while driving. Head unit with Bluetooth connectivity is able to stream music from our phone, so you can listen to your favorite songs in your car sound system by streaming music from the phone if you have a head unit with Bluetooth connectivity.

Additionally, Heavy users of streaming apps like Pandora or iHeart Radio should look for head units that feature controls for those apps, putting your custom stations, pause/skip controls, and rating tools in the dashboard, where they can be more safely (and legally) accessed when on the road.

HD radio and Satellite radio

Every car head unit in the market has AM/FM radio features by which you can tune your local radio stations. Many people have a habit to listen to the radio while driving. Headunit with HD radio feature and headunit without HD Radio feature has a day-night difference in audio quality.

If high-quality audio is one of the requirements of yours for choosing headunit, then you should consider a Headunit with HD radio. HD radio provides incredible sound clarity than typical headunit which doesn’t’ has HD radio feature.

Moreover, if you’re are frequent long-distance travel then should buy a headunit which has Satellite radio features. Whatever where you are you can listen to your favorite radio channel if your car headunit has satellite radio feature. Additionally, satellite radio also offers hundreds of channels of music, news, sports, weather and plenty of other entertainment programmers.

GPS Navigation

GPS is one of the essential modern features of the car. It makes the car smart and makes driving more convenient. You can know where are you now while driving, you can set up where you want to go and how much time it will take to go there. Aftermarket car stereos are more efficient with these features they provide more accurate maps and up to date traffic data, voice commands, and better destination search. If you want a modern and smarter car then you should not ignore this feature.


Compatibility also called versatility of the head unit. It refers to the ability of the head unit to interact with multiple devices. A head unit would be very convenient to use if it’s compatible with various devices. Better to choose a head unit which is compatible with devices that are essential to you such as additional speakers and subwoofer.


Control is the most important fact for the car a head unit. Facing problem in operating headunit while driving it’s not safe. Make sure the double din headunit you are buying it’s easy to use, buttons are easily accessible, a touchscreen is responsive enough and remote is working well.

Our Verdict

Through this post, we have covered reviews of 5 best double din head unit and a buying guide. Hope this article helped you enough for choosing a great head unit. Let us know if you have any question or suggestion.

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