What Size Alternator Do I Need for Car Audio?

Best Alternators for Car AudioBefore I start my discussion on “What Size Alternator Do I Need for Car Audio,” the question which is knocking me repeatedly, what size alternator are you expecting for your car?

Loud music, a high bass in the loud music, needs having a powerful amplifier. A powerful amplifier is not alone itself delivering a smooth, lively audio quality from the factory radio system. So it needs another more potent power driver to work efficiently.

The power driver or the power supplier I am talking about is an alternator. An alternator is the critical portion of the vehicle’s engine supply power to all-electric parts of the car.

So if you think you need a more robust alternator than the in-built one, stay tuned with this article.

What Size Alternator Do You Need for Your Car Audio?

It depends on the total energy required for your car’s system.

An as usual amp needs by the all electrical system of a general car supposed to be- Headlight -10A + Car radio-10A+AC -20A+Defroster -15A.Total =55A. This 55A power, you can get easily from your inbuilt car alternator.

So, a more powerful external amp to your stereo system for a high-quality audio purpose, it not only is going to impact on the audio system.

As it is going to pull extra power from the alternator to higher the volume, indirectly, it also is going to affect all other electrical systems as well.

As the built alternator is unable to load this high need, it must need to replace by a stronger one. See the below equation-

Amps x volts = watts.

So, if you installed an amplifier with a 2000 watt capacity with a named voltage of 13.5v, then the total demand amp will be-

Amps x volts = watts.



So approximately, 150A will be the demand amp for your car’s electrical system.

There is a primary system to calculate the need amp also. Calculate the total amp drained by the car’s electrical system.

Also, see the power amp capacity how much it can draw correctly. A 70 amp will need a minimum 80 or 85 amp capacity alternator.

Each car’s audio and internal running system far differs from each other. So take professional help if you are still confused.

When Your Audio System Need a Bigger Alternator?

If the present volume of your factory audio system seems okay to you that means your alternator is doing well.

If you need to enhance the music volume higher than the current level, the factory alternator will face difficulty handling it. You have to go for a powerful amplifier and a powerful alternator both at a time.

So again, the question arises, why need a powerful amplifier? The fact is an amplifier is also like a battery that cannot deliver more power beyond crossing the limit is designed to be. Increasing the sound needs a powerful amplifier too.

Moreover, subwoofers also need a vast power to produce a Low-frequency noise. A car audio capacitor will never increase your alternator’s drainage energy level.

Adjusting the amplifier & the subwoofer actions in a smoother and firmer way, basically, you need a high output alternator.

Yes, it could be a high-priced system, but actually, you don’t have any options except it. A high-output alternator will deliver enough power to the factory stereo system without disrupting any other functions of the vehicle.

What Happens If You Install a Powerful Amplifier With your Factory Alternator?

Most often, the factory alternators could not produce a big bass or a loud sound. It is not designed to provide stronger power at all.

However, when you intend to make louder the audio quality, the first attempt you have to go for is installing a more potent amplifier with your factory head unit. Finally, you need to go for adjusting a 10 to 15% more powerful alternator along with the amplifier.

By chance, if you install a larger amplifier without adjusting the alternator power, undoubtedly, your car will give you a larger volume. But the problem will happen when your vehicle recoups this extra power from other portions of the car’s system.

Flickering Dash Lights, Dimming the Headlights, delivering a low bass from your sub, improper air conditioning, etc. can happen for this power compensation.

That’s why a powerful amp needs a powerful alternator to work smoothly in your car’s system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can a powerful alternator damage my car’s system?

Not at all. There is no history of getting any damage with a powerful alternator on the car’s system. It only cut huge money from you. That’s it.

How can car audio capacitors can enhance my alternator’s work?

A car capacitor cannot supply any power to your car’s audio system. It can filter energy that is provided by the alternator. So a cleaned flow of energy further supplies to the car’s radio, which can produce a sharper loud volume.

Final word:

If the sound system demands more power than your alternator currently supplying to your car’s audio, there is no alternative to replacing your factory alternator using a powerful and high-output one.

A 250 or 300 amp alternator is the high output alternator, most provably powerful enough to deliver a louder stereo system.

So I think I have covered the details on”What Size Alternator Do I Need for Car Audio.” If you think it could be a bit beneficial for you, please share it on your timeline.