Beginner’s Guide to CB Radio; How to choose the perfect one

Beginner’s Guide to CB Radio

Citizen Band or CB Radio is used for many purposes. It’s not so much famous for random uses. But some people use it for a specific reason.  Hikers, travellers, sometimes the truck drivers or the police handle it. As the CB radio range is limited, you cannot use it for worldwide communication. If you are a beginner for choosing the CB Radio, then you must know the purpose of using it.

Two types of CB radio are obtainable in the market. Mobile types and base types. If you are going hiking or travelling then, its best to use the mobile types CB Radio, but if you want to use it for vehicle purposes, then you can go for the base types. This article will focus on the advantage and disadvantages of both kinds of CB Radio. It is up to you either you want to buy a CB Radio for yourselves or not.A Beginner’s Guide to CB Radio

Mobile vs. Base Type

Mobile CB radio is smaller in size. It is easy to carry and has so many features. Base types CB Radio size is big as a box and, it has so many functional knobs in it. Because of its size, sometimes the use of this base radio is difficult. Mobile radio has an internal speaker in it. This speaker is cheap and delivers the unclear sound. It will be helpful if we connect an external speaker for clear sound. Base Radio has a built-in speaker, which provides the sound very clear. Mobile CB radio has some antenna issues. This radio cannot cover the large area as Base Radio as much can. The mobile antenna needs almost 40 inches of depth to set up the perimeter. Less than 40 inches will not cover the range. Unless you set it up to 40 inches, it is useless. Besides, most of the mobile base radio covers the one-mile area or so. Base types CB radio has a large antenna that can cover a big portion of the range better than the mobile CB radio.  Base radio has an internal power supply, where the mobile CB radio connection has a direct line from the vehicle’s battery. A mobile CB radio has no external plug where base radios are built-in plugin it and, you can easily join them. 12volt power supply will be necessary along with the extra car battery if you want to use the mobile base CB radio.

Great mate in the Road

CB radio is a great mate in the road like a person. If you are in a long drive, you can remove your tiredness by listening, this radio. It also helps you to get an update from the road. If you are a new driver on a particular route and know nothing about the area, don’t worry for a second. This radio will help you to get the direction. Almost all the drivers use this radio while driving. So, you can get all the latest updates from CB radio. You can also help others while driving. Suppose you are going on a southside road. But the other side of the road is damaged or the construction of the road is running. You can inform the others through a CB radio. So, it will save others from dangers. You can also hear about the traffic jam, weather updates, road updates, etc.

A Base Station

Every single city has its local station. You can get any updates from the CB radio if you are new in town. They will deliver you the weather updates. If there any festival or occurred, an accident or if there is an event that is going to open. If you are interested to know about anything, you can listen, and you can find out your essential information.

Hiking or Traveling Guide

Mobile CB radio is famous for hiking. You can’t go on hiking with a base radio, as it is bulky in size and tough to carry. On the other hand, mobile CB radio is perfect for hiking. Though this radio covers the minimum range, this radio is easy to carry, and you can set up anywhere near you. You don’t need an extra antenna to transmit Base type CB radio is not helpful in this area.

No tension for License

Nowadays, if you buy any electronic device, you have to go through some procedures. It also includes a license too. But having a CB radio doesn’t require any permit. You can operate them without any permission. Just set up the CB radio and use it while you can.

Easy Communication

The best advantage of using a CB radio is, it is easy to communicate. You don’t need to talk, so long. If you are in danger or need some help just use the code and inform others. For communication purposes, CB Radio users use some code. They also have some lingos and etiquette. Some codes are

10-1: Receiving poorly.

10- 4: Message Received.

10-200: Police needed at, etc.

Some Lingos for you that might help you to understand the importance of a CB Radio.

Affirmative: Yes

Negative: No

Over: Conversation is finished, the other person can talk

What’s you 20?: Asking for your location etc.


A CB radio will give you the best security in terms of tracking. Most of the electronic devices you can track through the network. But you cannot track a CB radio. So, it will give you security. This way you can protect yourself from any danger.

Help Tips

Some helpful tips before using a CB Radio. As this radio uses only for short-cut conversation, you need to keep in mind some conditions. Such as

  1. Keep the conversation clear and concise.
  2. After finish, the conversation, click on the push button.
  3. Use proper code and lingo
  4. Keep your location to yourself, don’t share it with others.
  5. Try to stay around the range.

I will not say that CB radio is essential for daily to daily needs. But if you go hiking or travelling or drive your car on the road then it is helpful. Mobile CB Radio is for hiking and Base CB Radio is for the vehicles. So before choosing a CB Radio, you need to be sure for which reason you want to buy.